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I am very new to the Church. I officially start RCIA next Sunday. There is a small little parish church a mile from my house (in very rural North Alabama) that I am joining and attending mass. I love everything about it. The people are wonderful and the Deacon is extremely nice and humble. I think my absolute favorite thing about Catholicism is Adoration. I truly feel the presence of Jesus. I never felt that in any protestant church I attended before. Does anyone else regularly go to Adoration and what are your thoughts and feelings about Adoration?



It’s absolutely fantastic. Being able to escape from the noise and chaos of the world into a quiet place, and just look at the Savior and … it’s amazing! :slight_smile:


Hi, welcome home to the Church!

A lot of us on here go to Adoration regularly. I see it as spending some quality time with my friend Jesus, who also happens to be my God. I try to go once or twice a week. It is okay with me if Jesus is in the Tabernacle as well as out of it. I find that when I don’t go, I miss Jesus.


I started doing weekly Adoration shortly after converting earlier this year. (Granted, I’m overdue for last week’s Adoration because I’ve been sick since Friday.)

Overall, it’s been fantastic. I love doing my daily Rosary whenever I go. There’s something special about meditating on Christ’s life while He’s there in front of you. It’s also good for some relief from stress, which I’ve had too much of lately.


I have been working so much lately which has been stressing me out. Adoration is a huge stress reliever. I have been going during the hour before Sunday mass. As soon as my job isn’t demanding 60 hours a week I want to start going to the Tuesday evening adoration too.


Adoration is a wonderful opportunity to spend some one on one time with Our Lord. There is nothing quite like it. As tisbearself mentioned, when I can’t make “my time” with Jesus (out of town on business), I miss Him.


I don’t go often enough, but when I do, it’s the absolute best. The presence of Christ is so peaceful and all encompassing. We have a 24/7 Adoration Chapel in my area and I used to go Fridays on the way home from work.


You are adoring God in the most tangible way in His presence. It is indeed a fulfilling time.


I enjoy adoration quite a bit. But I don’t really find it to be a necessarily different/better prayer time than any other. At least not any more so that being in the chapel either way-sacrament exposed or not.

Of course it’s great that you feel that way! I just wanted to put a different opinion out there.


This deacon will also be praying for you as you journey to Christ through RCIA.

Make a visit whenever you like to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Whenever a person begins to spend this special time in Adoration they get a Son-tan.

Let your deacon friend know when you’re coming, perhaps sometimes he could bring Christ in the monstrance out for you to behold.

God bless all of you, who, like the cherubim in heaven, adore our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ!

I am a sinner,
Deacon Christoper


You are also at Adoration when the sacrament is present in the tabernacle, but not exposed. It’s not any different. The Church recognizes this by giving the exact same indulgence whether Jesus is exposed or in the tabernacle.


It’s just way more awesome when you can see the Son in the monstrance!


I’ve been thinking about that lately and while I do make a special effort to attend on days when Jesus is in the monstrance, I don’t feel much different seeing Him there than I do knowing He is just behind a little metal door in the tabernacle. I often say the Adoro te devote prayer “Truly hidden beneath these appearances” and if Jesus is in the tabernacle I will say, “Truly hidden beneath these appearances and the little metal door of the Tabernacle”. He is hidden from me in both cases.
Maybe I’m missing something and my feelings will change over time.


I went to adoration this morning for the first time. It was a beautiful experience! Our parish is doing a 40 hours of adoration this week. I’ll be going back later today with my wife.


I go weekly and I will be going this afternoon. It is the ABSOLUTE BEST time of the whole week I spend besides being at Mass.

Jesus waits for us in every Tabernacle in the World and He must be so happy when we go to visit Him even if only for a few minutes. It’s so quiet, so peaceful, so special. I just don’t feel right when I have to miss my weekly Adoration.

When I first started it was not easy. I kept an eye on the time and was truly struggling. But as I went regularly got MUCH better and now I can’t wait to go and just be with Him. Now our Lord is not exposed, He remains in the Tabernacle but He’s there and I just LOVE being with Him even for a little while. I couldn’t spend better time any where else or with anybody else.



I generally get to Mass in time for the last 10 to 15 minutes of the Adoration. I can’t honestly say I feel the presence of Jesus, but I love that quiet time when I know no one is going to interrupt my prayers. There is definitely something to be said for sitting with 50 or 60 others who are all focused on the heavenly.


I usually bring my headphones and sit quietly for half of adoration and listen to praise and worship the other half. I’ve gone to huge young adult rallies where there was adoration with praise and worship music and it definitely adds something “for me”. I know it’s not everyone’s cup o tea :coffee:


MOST of the time I say the Rosary for Priests and clergy from my Prayer book:

Sometimes I say a Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Sometimes I just say my petitions, intentions, needs for myself and others and then just sit and say Jesus I’m just going to sit here with you for a while in the quiet. I’ve also gone around the stations and done the “Way of the Cross”. Just depends.


Yes I go regularly. I love it. In fact I have just come back from Adoremus a Eucharistic pilgrimage and congress, that is a whole weekend on the Blessed Sacrament with a procession through the streets too which was very awe inspiring.
I also see it as spending time with Jesus, I do all sorts of things, meditations, guided booklets, Holy hour, just ordinary conversation/prayer, say the rosary or chaplet of divine mercy and in fact I have taken difficult forms or things I need help with to do with Him. Sometimes I dont really remember what happens to the time. A student speaker at the congress put it this way to visit ’ the one who knows me best’ I thought that was pretty apt. Personally I think praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament changes you in the best way … I actually dont know any words to explain it but that’s my take on it.


There is a lot to be said for having an adoration chapel. But, I often spend time in adoration from where I am right now, a little more than a mile away from the chapel.

Despite signs to the contrary, people were talking in our local chapel. At the time it was a 5-mile round trip (a different chapel than now) and very disappointing to get there and having people just passing the time in profane conversation IN the chapel.

Slightly off the topic, I think an overly ornate monstrance can be a distraction, even an idol. Even in distant churches I find people talking in other adoration chapels.

Aside from whining, I like to go to an adoration chapel.

I rejoiced when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the LORD.

My house shall be a house of prayer for all people.

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