Thoughts on Aliens?

I’ll believe in aliens, when I see them.

In the meantime, I’ll live my life, which aliens have zero connection to.


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And why did a moderator remove some of my words may I ask?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Personally I find the “aliens are demons/daimons” hypothesis compelling

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If you must worry, worry about demons. At least you can do something about them.


We know about all the evil that happens here on Earth. Aliens can’t do anything worse than we already do to each other.

If they exist!

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Yeah but let’s be real, what harm is there in keeping one tin foil hat around?

Noooooo!!! There’s no such thing as having only one tin foil hat, they breed like rabbits!

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That’s part of the conspiracy. They promote the gats caused they amplify the signal.

(Mythbusters proved the amplify thing)

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So it’s been a while but in my physics class we talked about a Faraday Cage. This iirc, blocks incoming and outgoing em fields…

So in short as long as it is an enclosed loop in three dimensions with relatively few holes… your protected. So basically it needs to be a full ski mask with eye, nose and mouth holes.

My thing is that they could be controlling us right now… our thoughts on this topic… so the only way to tackle this is that everyone makes a Faraday cage and tries in for a while…


You could try wrapping chicken wire around your head!

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Keep in mind the light from other parts of the galaxy is an image of what was there millions and sometimes billions of years ago. Meaning, if any of life is out there, they are probably millions or billions of years more advanced then us. As such, if they haven’t reached us yet after millions of more years of technological advancements, they probably don’t exist.

That said, I hope some sort of alien life does exist but I doubt it’s how most people imagine. I don’t it would be a humanoid looking green alien but rather a microorganism. After all, scientists did find bio signs on Venus that could have come from a microorganism.

Depends on shape. Some shapes help some shapes amplify.

It was probably related to the size of the hats vs the frequencies tested.

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Well I think if it’s a closed loop it isolates the internal environment from the external environment (electromagnetically speaking ). So three dimensional closed loop, sphere or similar.

We could also do chain mail…:grin:

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Random question (not intended to discourage anyone from breathing). But if whatever this thing is has to be so all-encompassing, why is it okay to have four holes in it? (Eyes, nose, mouth.)

… and why is it okay that your neck might allow things through your body?

Or is whatever we’re talking about in the spectrum of stuff that wouldn’t pass through a human body from the direction of torso up through neck? Or is your hypothetical person in a ski mask also wearing armour? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The idea being that our mind, which resides in our brainwaves, is somehow being scanned.

The neck and the body are less of a concern as there are no brainwaves that low.

The goal of shielding is to block the head dome from the scanning rays.


What I meant was, if someone’s worried about that, why aren’t they worried the scan could get to their brain from the bottom up? Granted it’s the ‘long way through’, but unless I’m missing something we’re talking about hypothetical tech of an alien species advanced enough for interstellar travel. :woman_shrugging:t2:

The flesh and bone in the torso and neck is considered an effective barrier whereas the skull is not?

Because from the bottom up, the circumference of a neck would technically constitute quite a large ‘hole’ in this balaclava faraday cage.

The James Webb Space Telescope is going up - Webb will be the largest, most powerful and complex space telescope ever built and launched into space. It will fundamentally alter our understanding of the universe. Can’t wait until it operational.


The holes are required, not optimal…acceptable losses. A perfect solution would be a full cage. Really a suit of armor would probably be most optimal. I would get something shiny with a brightly colored and well balanced paint scheme…for fashion purposes.

In reality if the holes are smallish it still basically works.

It’s just from scanning? Oh crap I was worried about mind control…that’s like almost not worth it…I mean if aliens want to hear my thoughts I’m curious how long the poor beings would last…


Have you read up on the Travis Walton abduction account?

Not quite as good as Alien, but (way) better than all the other sequels (especially the Predator/Alien combo films).

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