Thoughts on Catholic Worker Movement

One of my favorite things about being Catholic is the social justice component. I love Catholic social teaching and practically treat it as the cornerstone of my interaction with the secular world.

I do volunteer work at a Catholic Worker House.

The Catholic Worker Movement was founded during the great depression by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. They are dedicated to helping the poor, the sick, the hungry. They are vehement pacifists who disagree even with the Just War theory…

At this Catholic Worker house I help prepare meals for people who live there because they have nowhere else to go, and I help them rebuild their lives…

There’s some controversy to the Catholic Worker movement because of its connections to anarchism…

But Day (also a self-avowed anarchist) was recognized as a “Servant of God” by the Church…

To me I love this kind of stuff (I’m not an anarchist though :eek: ) I love working in social justice situations and doing good towards the less fortunate… It helps me deal with my own struggles with SSA and mental illness.

But there’s a good number of Catholics in my home diocese who look upon the little Catholic Worker House I’m at with scorn… To them it’s not “Catholic.”

What are everyone’s thoughts on the Catholic Worker Movement? A good thing? Or should I find another “Catholic” organization to volunteer at?

Congratulations, mrld! Great attitude and volunteer work. Volunteering work with the poorest, hungry has always been recognized as Essential and Ideal. World respected Blessed Mother Theresa’s hands-on work with the poorest, sickest, dying caused her to be tied as the Most admired Woman in the World, with Princess Di 15 years ago. She Is Officially The National Hero of India!. Catholic Social Justice And “Social Concern” WORK is the Centerpiece of Christ’s Church, for 2,000 years. [LIST] Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great, Personal survivor of WW II (as I am) said in the days Before he Passed, that War is NEVER Justified. (Can Almost always be Prevented by Negotiation, Like Hitler eanting the Sudenteland and Ruhr Valley Back (Justly); Japan wanted Basic Raw Materials even 1941, But Any Negotiations were 100% Avoided by Churchill, Roosevelt. Ditto the Civil War, Spanish American War, WW I, Etc., Etc. Pat Buchanan wrote a remarkeably revealing Book about Major wars Intended by the Allies, surprising Documentation.
[/LIST] [LIST] The Work you do at the Catholic Worker House is Great. And the Church Recognized Dorothy Day as officially “Blessed” after detail Investigations. Best to have Zero concern about ‘Some’ or ‘many’ or ‘a lot’ of Catholics (who have ideas Contrary to Church Major Policy like Social Concern they view with False Bias, often based on False “Commercial Propaganda” even that Social Concern is Marxist, etc., etc.). There is a Massive amount of TOTALLY False Propaganda by Commercial Interests against even SSA and Medicare, VA, Etc., Etc. I correct All the False Propaganda, Totally Opposite to Church Ideals, on CAF.
[/LIST] You are doing the Exact Personal work The Church, and the Late Archbishop Hanna, Mother Theresa, Many others idolize. You are doing The Lord’s Work! :tiphat::blessyou: Sir.

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