Thoughts on disruptive thoughts?

Hey, guys so I used to be very scrupulous about any little thing I did. I’m pretty positive I got that settled and its getting better everyday. I was going to go to confession this Saturday, but was late a couple of minutes as I thought it would be 4:00-4:30 P.M. It was really at 3:30-4:00. I was a bit stressed that I wasn’t able to go, but I calmed myself and went to Mass. The only thing now is that I can get very disruptive and disturbing thoughts, sometimes I can even get scared. I try to just move on and stuff, but they just return. Have you guys ever had disturbing or disruptive thoughts and if so, did you guys just move on and reject the disruptive or disturbing thought. Thank you for any response :smiley:

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Yep. Your thoughts aren’t you. You can’t “decide” or “will” intrusive thoughts. Best to just observe it for what it is (I say to myself "Well that is a silly intrusive thought! "), and continue with your day. If you aren’t able to do that, then a professional therapist can help you through, usually.

Hi I have the same problem: obsessive thoughts. You arent alone with this problem

Agreed. I suffer horribly from them. I will accept them as my cross to bear and use them to further my journey on becoming holier and deepening my relationship with Christ. When I get them I recognize them for what they are. Intrusive thoughts. They are not mine. I say a quick prayer and move on. But do I sometimes still think they are a result of my past and my weaknesses? Sure. But I apply the same method. Tell myself they are not mine, I didn’t intend them, never willed or wanted them and laugh at their silliness, pray and think of something else.

My prayers for you.


If you have intrusive thoughts, you should seek evaluation with a mental health provider.

Yes, please talk to a GP or someone medically trained about this. Disruptive thoughts can sometimes manifest themselves as scruples, sometimes they are more blatant. I’m sorry you’re struggling.

They happen time to time, but I just move on ignore them and everything is fine. I also sometimes go to confession to get peace of mind. I don’t get that scrupulous about most things now. I usually see what it is and take it into consideration slowly and calmly. It works great, you just have to be patient with yourself. Intrusive thoughts I just reject and keep moving with my day.

Not sure what you mean by disturbing or disruptive thoughts?

Exactly what I do, just say those are t my thoughts, then I just reject the bad thought and keep moving on with my day. Sometimes I can get worried, but I to tell myself they aren’t bad thoughts I don’t want them. I just reject the thought and move on. Ty for the prayers too

They can just be very disruptive to you, for example a thought that can make you feel uncomfortable.

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