Thoughts on Fr Ripperger?


I’ve recently enjoyed listening to talks by a very traditional theologian named Fr Ripperger (im sure many of you know who he is in the Traditional Catholic community). The thing is he has said some very controversial things like…
•It is a mortal sin for a mother to be working without a grave cause
•It is a mortal sin to support evolution and heliocentrism
•Laymen should not be having public debates regarding theology and philosophy (supposedly based upon the old forms of canon law)
•Concepts such as freedom of speech, the free market and religious liberty are infallibly condemned by the church

What should I think about these statements/opinions?



I don’t know how you should think , but I know I don’t accept them /



A good thing his opinions are not Church teaching. Wise indeed are those priests who trust the Church in all matters of faith and morals.



Evolution is a fact. All living things share DNA passed on by descent. It might be a mortal sin to believe it but if so, it is a mortal sin to accept fact.



Disclaimer: I haven’t taken the time to carefully evaluate Father’s source material.

Based on what has been presented on this forum as his teaching, I find much of it to be incredibly questionable bordering on the absurd.

I understand that Father teaches that the funny “Latin-ish” gibberish found in Harry Potter constitutes real occult spells that have been used to burn down houses etc… that position is beyond laughable.
I understand that Father teaches that it is a mortal sin to put one’s child in daycare without a truly grave need, suggesting that a father should work multiple jobs before his wife leaves the home. That suggests that a child does not need a father in his life and that a mother is 100% responsible for child rearing. Fathers are just paycheques.
I could go on. I hope that Father’s followers here on CAF have misrepresented his views - because if they haven’t, he presents certain views that seem quite contrary to the Magisterium.

From what I’ve seen of Father’s views here on CAF, I respectfully suggest that he has serious issues… and has set himself up as an authority above and beyond the Magisterium. I sincerely hope that his self declared followers here on CAF simply distort and misrepresent what Father actually teaches. Some of the views attributed to Father by posters here on CAF are incredibly harmful.

I’ll close by adding that at least one priest who has posted here on CAF has suggested that Father has had regular “run ins” with bishops…



I have posted my thoughts on him before and that didn’t go well. So now I would just say he probably needs some “me time” even better if he sits down and actually reads a Harry Potter book. He might enjoy it, who knows?



That’s really up to you but remember opinions is all they are. They’re not Church teaching, you don’t have to agree or follow them.

Edit - here’s an older thread about him. It might be interesting to you. What does CAF think of Fr Ripperger?

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That they are his personal opinions, not the teachings of the Church.



Those are all quite commonly taught by traditional priests, with the exception of the notion that supporting heliocentrism is a mortal sin! Adherence to geocentrism is found almost entirely in fringe, schismatic Resistance/Sedevacantist circles; I doubt very much that Fr. Ripperger rejects heliocentrism.



I wish there were more Catholic Priests like him.
I find him to bevvery educational -
and presents many angles / ideas of interest / to the listener.
My favorite topics from him are manliness / man
The 7 deadly sins,
Spiritual warfare and marriage ,

No need to buy a book from him.
He tells it as it is - directly and clearly.
He’s a fun guy to, for an exorcist - lol.



Completely agree. We definitely need more priests like Fr. Ripperger. I think his talks give us reasons to look at our lives and our actions and discern if we are truly growing in holiness.



Regarding the position on daycare and child rearing:

Although I won’t touch the sinfulness of it, I agree, and it is IDEAL that a mother be able to raise children at home. Of course, a child needs a mother and a father. But a father working two jobs is much better than having a child in daycare and the mother working, too.

Ideally, the family lives within its economic means and the neither parent has to work extra jobs, keeping them from their number one role as parent. If the financial situation requires it, the father should work extra and let the mother stay home raise the children until they go to school.



Does that mean that Roman Catholics must believe that the earth is the center of the universe? How would you explain the gravitational forces of the sun acting on the planets?

I don’t see why the concept of a free market would be condemned. The communists had regulated their markets and it did not work out well in practice as it resulted in many shortages.



Something something modernism rabble rabble



I don’t see what modernism has to do with the gravitational force of the sun on the planets.

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It’s fair to say that when it comes to this opinion, Fr. Ripperger holds a minority view. The church teaches that there is no conflict between heliocentrism and Catholicism.

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I think BoomBoom was being sarcastic.



Most of what is being said here about Father is being taken out of context and being exaggerated.
It’s easier that way, I guess but disappointing to see it on a Catholic forum.



Almost all markets are regulated by the state to one degree or another. Taxes on certain goods, trade tarrifs, regulations etc.

In terms of the labour market though, a free market without regulation means a lack of employment rights and can result in exploitation and human beings being viewed merely as units of production serving the aims and interests of the employer. Which is also, ironically, what I think human beings ultimately become in a Communist system. Personally I think that is where the evil lies in both extremes, the commoditisation of human beings.



Why is that “much better”?


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