Thoughts on Fr Ripperger?


We need a Fr. Ripperger - to lay down the law !
Not bambi about - or be uncertain - or avoiding to hurt feelings.
But to stand AND proclaim - how wonderful the Catholic faith is - and can be !

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I find him to be talking dangerous nonsense, opinions as ever though vary.



Fr. Ripperger doesn’t have the authority to “lay down the law.” We’re Catholics, not Rippergerians. He’s free to give his opinion and I’m free to tell him to pound sand.

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The elementary teacher takes on a parenting role. This is a role assumed by parents prior to the advent of educational institutions. If you look at public and private school programs you will find values formation, counseling, medical services and referrals, social programs, aniti-bullying programs, (which moms and dads teach at home) as well as reading, writing and maths.
If children squabble at school, teachers sort it out and provide guidance as parents would at home.
Daycare workers and teachers receive pay to perform parental fucntions: provide safety, opportunities for growth, and instruction.



I like Father R. I think he brings many important things to light. He is one of the few speakers that I listen to more than once.

However… [you knew it was coming didn’t you?]

I would not select him for beginning or new theology lay/ students. There are a few things he has said that my late confessor / spiritual director took exception to. But that’s it. When you listen to one of the amazing priests we have, like Father Ripperger, you do need to be able to discern for your self things that sound questionable, or, know where to go to verify what you hear.



That language is inappropriate to a Catholic website and should be withdrawn.



That’s seems a relatively nuanced and fair distinction. My wife stayed home with our son for the first year before she went back to work. Then her mom stayed home with him for the next year and a half. Once he did go to preschool at nearly 3, we saw his speech and social abilities explode.



“Scumbag” is a very g-rated term.



None of this comes close to making the teacher the equivalent of a parent.

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Fr. Rpperger has an outstanding educational background -
and knows where he stands -
and calls it - as he sees it - as a true Catholic Priest of the faith !
It’s a shame Catholics - differ - with their likes and dislikes.
If he became the next Pope - I would NOT mind !



Perhaps when you are made a Cardinal Elector, you can vote for him to become Pope.

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nope. Teachers were the bosses for hours of my weekday when I was growing up and somehow I never got confused that my grade school teachers were my real parents. Funny.



Good example right there. Father R seems to borrow heavily from the Saints… which is good… the Saints were great, but what they said isn’t doctrine.



Why not? Do we not speak of the state taking on a parental role when children are put in foster care or orphanages?
Do not schools intervene to remove children from families over abuse allegations relayed by teachers? Do not schools through clinics usurp parental decision making in providing birth control/abortion to children.
I think that one may credibly contend that teachers and day care workers operate as stand ins for parents and the fact that they are standing in might indicate that the parent is standing out.
Perhaps we lack a shared understanding of what it means to parent?



I am glad to hear that you don’t shame them or say, “oh no, you have to be more” which is what most young girls hear today. It’s a rarity to be encouraged in motherhood. That’s great that you do that.

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This is another example of an exaggeration.

He doesn’t say that it is a grave sin that a mother has a job, but that children have a right to a mother and a father and there should be grave reasons for a mother to work outside the home and neglect her children of their right to a mother and father and then it is the neglect of the children that is a grave sin.



He says without a sufficient reason, it is.

So does a father neglect his children by working outside the home?



Especially when you just cherry pick quotes instead of looking at an entire body of work by a great Saint or theologian.

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You know that was me quoting someone else…

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that is what I said. A mother should never neglect her children and many times mothers put their careers ahead of their family, not out of necessity but want. That is what he is addressing.

So, men and women are different and both the mother and father have differnt roles in the family, in parenting children. Usually the argument when one says a mother needs to care for her children, is what about the father, as if their roles in the family are identical and they are not.


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