Thoughts on Fr Ripperger?


Well, he is a well-known “name” priest, that’s what I mean by “celebrity priest”. People know him far and wide outside his specific area or diocese; it’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as he doesn’t lead people away from the faith or let his name recognition go to his head.

There have been and continue to be plenty of “celebrity priests” including Archbishop Sheen, Father Peyton, Father Coughlin, Father Feeney, Father Corapi, Fathers Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Father Heilman, Father Z, Father Martin, Father Blount, Monsignor Esseff, etc. Sheen and Peyton are up for sainthood. Coughlin, Feeney and Corapi fell from grace. I am sure they all touched or, in the case of the ones who are still active, continue to touch people’s lives.


We’re in agreement here. I was attempting, (and doing a poor job of it, it seems) to point out that when we are not forming our kids through our parenting, others are forming them and, in so doing, taking on an important parental role.
The formation provided outside of the home is not, necessarily, a good substitute for that provided by a parent.


Apparently not, if he teaches half the things that have been mentioned here.


and we know that the things people are mentioning here, out of context, are correct because?


I am going by what the OP has put down, that believing in a heliocentric solar system and in evolution is mortal sin.


I can’t answer you then, because I have not ever heard Father say that a heliocentric solar system is a mortal sin, just that someone I don’t know, on the internet, said Father Ripperger said a heliocentric solar system is a mortal sin.

God bless. I think I will end it here.


Well I’m now just listening to a talk by him and he certainly seems to say that a mother working outside the home is mortally sinful.


For evolution:

In in his book “The Metaphysics of Evolution” he says evolution is “incompatible with the metaphysics of the Catholic tradition”. He also has a talk entitled “Evolution: A Superstition and A Sin against the First Commandment” which is linked to here: His argument is superstitions are sins and evolution is a superstition (begins around 1.50).

EDIT - his comments are:

“But there is a kind of superstition floating around today which is offensive to God, and it is the superstition which has become commonplace, in fact entrenched, in modern science…but perhaps the one I consider the beaut of all is the theory of evolution. For evolution is nothing short of superstition. There is a theorist who runs around saying that at the time of the big bang the difference between nothing and something was so infinitesimally small that it, that is being, simply jumped out into being. Now, the reason this is silly is for two reasons…But it is superstition because it is attributing to creating things the ability to bring themselves into existence. And in evolution the superstition lies in the fact that they think that creatures, one creature can beget the essence or nature of another creature, which of course is silly. It also violates the principle of resemblance, which is like begets like…this superstition of course, tends to corrupt faith. Why? Well, superstition is against the First Commandment and so are acts against faith, against the First Commandment. The sins against the First Commandment of superstition, which again is attributing power to creatures which is proper to God alone, only God can create the essence of a thing or create anything for that matter, but it is also against faith. Because when we tend to believe in things like evolution, it tends to corrupt one’s belief that God is the creator of heaven and earth and all things seen and unseen. And so to engage in the superstitious practise of…propagating modern theories of evolution is an offence against God in two ways. One directly because it’s the sin of superstition and two because it’s against the virtue of faith.”


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