Thoughts on Kavanaugh?


So Pres. Trump has announced his SCOTUS pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy: Brett Kavanaugh. I’m neither favorable nor hostile toward the pick, I don’t know much about him. He was Ben Shapiro’s 3rd pick out of the four front runners. That isn’t encouraging; Shapiro is usually (read: always) pretty on target. But then Daily Wire, where Shapiro is editor-in-chief, and National Review both speak of him favorably.

So my question: for those who know, is Kavanaugh a good pick? I would have preferred Barrett at a glance, but then, I’m not as informed as I usually am on these types of things.

(Also, Kavanaugh’s Catholic, which IS encouraging! :grinning::pray:)

EDIT: Amy Coney Barrett is also Catholic.


I don’t think Barrett was ever a serious candidate this pick. I think her name was leaked to get the public familiar with her. She will be RBG’s replacement when the time comes. Trump leaked her name to whet the appetite of his base. RBG is a darling of the left, when she goes many will be in hysteria. Another female to replace her will help.


Blockquote(Also, Kavanaugh’s Catholic, which IS encouraging! :grinning::pray:)

Don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but “being Catholic” doesn’t really mean much here. The Supreme Court has been majority Catholic for a long, long time now, and nothing much changed. ( The Catholics in the last few decades are/were, Scalia, Kennedy, Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Sotomayor ). I hope not, but I think Kavanaugh will not change things much. The only justice that I know of that would change Roe v Wade in a heartbeat is Thomas.


Well, consider it burst, @tuscany!!

I kid :grinning: But that is rather disappointing


I know, and I’m sorry. And yes, it really IS disappointing. I’m thinking the best we MAY get is that abortion will be sent down for each state to decide for themselves.


I am a little confused by your statement. What did you expect them to do?


I hope Kavanaugh follows the Scalia/Thomas mold, not the Roberts/Souter/Kennedy mold. That would be my only concern. Having said that I think he is a brilliant pick at this point in time with a rough confirmation road ahead. He is personable, sharp, established in DC legal conservative circles. Elena Kagan hired him to teach at Harvard (Isn’t that right? That is what I think I heard last night.) This says to me that he is widely respected and accepted in legal circles and can connect across the political cultural aisle. My hunch is that he will continue to work in the originalist constitutionalist mold but will have a little Kennedy/Souter in him. He could on the other hand be a great judge; his opinions have been adopted by the Supreme Court on numerous occasions already; I particularly like that; if he is a thinker he is not an ideologue. I honestly don’t know what he would do with Roe v Wade which he has called ‘precedent.’ Amy Barrett is I think waiting in the wings. We could get a conservative bunch that would include Barrett, Gorsuch, Thomas with Kavanaugh and Roberts more toward the center, in that order. I am more concerned with how Obama’s judges all vote liberal all the time in lockstep. I think in time some of the more moderate judges vote with the purpose of guiding US law between the two conservative and progressive extremes. We saw this with Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter, Kennedy. I confess this is my greatest fear with Kavanaugh. He was picked because he can get through but I still also think he may turn out to be a more reliable conservative. I would cite his practice of religious faith here. I guess I haven’t quite made up my mind. He might be the best we can reasonably hope to get on the court right now.


I think many Catholics ( the pro-life ones ) expect that Catholic Supreme Court Justices will vote to overturn Roe v Wade if the Court should accept such a case now. I don’t think that.
Once again, I think the best we pro-life Catholics can expect them to do, if anything, is send abortion down for each state to decide. I think the scourge of abortion is here to stay, and the Catholics on the Court aren’t going to flat out overturn it.


Overturning roe would mean returning it to the states.



ACLU is where RBG came out of.

Can’t get any further left than that … Putin’s agent in the USA.


That’s exactly what overturning Roe v Wade means–sending it back to the states.


I think Kavanaugh is a moderate, not a conservative. I think they were going with a safe pick to gain favor. I hope he is more conservative than I perceive him to be.


Which, according to the Constitution, is where it should have been all along.


I am not challenging your opinion, but on what is it based?


That doesn’t seem to be the perspective of the Federalist Society, etc.


To put Kennedy and Roberts in the same category as Souter is, in my view, hyperbole


I’m pretty sure alito would be on board as well.


There sure could be worse outcomes. Perhaps we in Missouri can’t affect what they do in California. But we can’t determine what they do in Canada, either.


I’m not convinced that it will be overturned.

Roberts said he’d respect precedent in his confirmation hearings.

Gorsuch said it was settled law.

Kavanaugh as well, in his last confirmation hearing.

Are they not being truthful?

Ronald Reagan appointed three justices, Scalia, O’Connor and Kennedy.

O’Connor and Kennedy confirmed Roe in Casey Vs Planned Parenthood.

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