Thoughts on "Live Earth"

Live Earth: The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis” is Saturday, July 7.

Anyone see this as anything more than yet another excuse to put together a number of marginal music acts for instant publicity?

But of course it is. Think of the amount of energy it’s going to take to travel there and back, light the show, sound, etc.

No thanks - I’ll listen to my i-pod

I am sure that it will rival Hands Across America and spend $17 million in order to give $3 million.

It’s not necessarily a terrible thing but IMHO there’s so many other things out there that they could be raising money for.

In a word: Oops.

Judge cancels Rio Live Earth concert

A Brazilian judge has canceled Saturday’s Live Earth concert in Rio because police said they do not have enough officers to guarantee crowd safety.

Awwww. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a bunch of mega rich people trying squeeze some money out of the working class so they can feel better about themselves.

Dang!! you got me to think about it!!

I’m not planning on watching it. I enjoyed the Live 8 concert last year (or year before, can’t remember), and I felt that was for a very good cause.
I also enjoyed the concert for Princess Diana last sunday. It was so well done. And it was in honor of an incredible woman.

During the civil rights struggle many people worked politically, with legislators, and on the streets and in the jails to change minds and hearts and laws.

The new political action involves attending concerts.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is suspect of the concert. I thought global warming was not “as bad” as originally thought so I was wondering why the big fundraiser???

I think they have concerts - a lot of young people just want to see the musicians and the organizers count that as support for their cause. I wonder if they did have a march instead if so many would show up - I think probably not.

I remember one year when I was at PSU in the 80’s. The Gay and Lesbian group there had gay pride week. On day one you were supposed to wear jeans. Day two, PSU clothing. You get the picture. People were wearing that anyway. “Just look how many people support our cause…”

When politicians and musicians are leading the furore about global warming, you just have to wonder if it is really as serious as the media makes out.

I have yet to be convinced, in fact, the more I look into it the more sceptical I become.

I was at my mom’s house today and the tv was on the Sundance Channel broadcasting the concert(s). Though I liked seeing the acts, I’m kinda tired of hearing about global warming. I don’t like issues for the common good being treated as “a new trend” - which is what these concerts did. I doubt if any percentage of the acts that performed today will show any sort of serious commitment towards living as a conscientious member of the planet and dedicate themselves towards living “green.”

“A Climate in Crisis”??? It’s a crisis?
I so wish we had a “gag me” emoticon.

And I am so sick of seeing the same old retread musician/activists/politico wannabe’s dragged out for these “concerts” where the sound is terrible, everyone sings off key, the crowds are nighmarish, and the tickets cost $350.00. I mean, the Woodstock generation is nearly in Depends, okay? Can’t they just put out to pasture and let the younger generation come up with some new and creative ideas for combatting this “crisis”?

These concerts are all filled with “artists” who live in many homes, filled with all the latest energy sucking machines. They have garages full of cars, private jets (John Travolta has 5), and they party all over the globe. They are quick to pontificate about most any trend du jour - this time it’s global warming - and they are filled with opinions on how we can Save The World.

Meantime, they do just the opposite.

And by the way, Al Gore III is still waiting for his father to come by and support him. But I guess dad is too busy preening for the adoring masses.

I liked watching my favorite artists, but besides that I didn’t care. I don’t believe there is a “Global Warming.” Instead of telling me how I can make a “Greener Earth,” why don’t they tell me what those planes are spraying in the sky? I care about my health, not something that doesn’t exist.

A most excellent point. :smiley:

I caught about 10 minutes of it while waiting for a table at a restaurant. Lots of preachy-preachy stuff while fronting a huge stage full of wires, speakers, lights, displays, etc. I cannot even imagine how much energy was used to fuel these shows. Ah, the irony. Fortunately, the restaurant then switched over to the Tigers baseball game which was, IMO, a much better use of the TV.

From what I have heard, if was a flop. In fact one article said that 100,000 trees will have to be planted just to offset the concert (of course, that is probably low since AlGore was there and opened his mouth).

Yeah I’m going to listen to Cameron Diaz and Kevin Bacon tell me how to live my life? Those weirdos in Hollywood are the last ones I’ll take advice from.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink: :rolleyes: :shrug:

Oh, but don’t ya know, they are just so much more enlightened than we are?:wink:

Anyone know how many tons of trash was left behind after the earth friendly crowds left the concert grounds?

I don’t recognize anything that “madonna” (do I dare call her that?) participates in. Her alone being in the line-up gave me even more of a reason to laugh this off (besides the fact it is about global warming).


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