Thoughts on Milo Yiannopoulos

I can see there was a thread about him a couple of years ago. It has since been locked now, otherwise I would have written this there.

I wanted to start up a discussion on Milo. I wondered what other Catholics, those who know of him, think of him?

Personally I have warmed to him more recently. I feel he has shifted to talking a lot more about the Catholic faith. At the beginning, when he rose to fame, he was very much a right-wing provocator. Sure he identified as Catholic, but I felt like that was just to annoy the left, particularly the gay community on the left, and his main focus was campaigning for Trump and making fun of liberals.

I believe ever since he was practically destroyed by the media and kicked off the main social media platforms (except for Youtube) for what he once said during a late night podcast/chat about older men’s relations with younger buy, he has cooled off a bit. I think he’s had a bit more time to think, and he talks about Catholicism a lot more than he used to. I think the long interview he did with Michael Voris almost a year ago, where he was pressed on his gay lifestyle and basically said he knows it’s wrong, he knows there’s a better way, but he isn’t there yet, was interesting. Despite living a gay lifestyle and even being married, he never advocates it or promotes it as being okay. These are his personal demons he hasn’t been able to beat for now.

Yes, he still has an ego and loves to get attention, and yes, the language he uses is often still rude and he likes to keep making stupid sexual jokes, all things I don’t approve of, but as I say, I’ve warmed to him. I sympathise with him more and think his general message, particularly about the Catholic faith, tries to be positive. He’s certainly a very intelligent person and when he channels it in the right way, things he says or writes can be very informative.

He certainly isn’t my go to guy when it comes to watching or listening to someone talking about Catholicism, but listening to him now doesn’t bother me as much as perhaps it used to. I might even recommend some clips of his for other Catholics to watch, or at least, fragments from them.

I agree with a few of his political positions, and I think it’s kinda funny watching him get under the skin of far-left people and SJW’s, but overall I’m not a fan. I do not care for his bombastic personality and I have issues with his promotion of certain immoral activities and lifestyles.

I haven’t listened to him recently. Hopefully his referencing his faith more is his conscience finally getting through to him. I pray he listens to it and embraces his faith more now. It would be wonderful if such a high-profile person publicly rejected the homosexual lifestyle.


I would definitely look at more of the work he has done and things has has talked about, in the last year or so. If you only know him from speeches he has given or articles he has written from a few years ago, your opinion won’t be good.

He certainly doesn’t promote immoral activities or an immoral lifestyle.

Here are a couple of excerpts from his recent book ‘Diabolical’ on the Catholic church, where he talks about his lifestyle and most certainly doesn’t try to promote it.

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 17.19.49 Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 17.21.34

I had to pause for 2 minutes to remember who he was.
His 15 minutes were up years ago. I honestly haven’t given him much thought in the last 2 years, he was just a flash in the pan.

I remember now he was invited to an event I attended (some other “names” were also there), but he thought he was too fly to show up, and turned it down. His loss, it was still a fine time without him.

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I think his 15 minutes being up have done him a lot of good though. The pre ‘fall from fame’ Milo was a self loving, fame seeking. celebrity wannabe, whose only purpose seemed to be to provoke in order to get a reaction. Now he is more likeable, at least in my view. I would suggest watching his interview with Michael Voris from last year, unless you can’t stand Voris either.

I’ve watched several of his more recent interviews and I have to say I rather enjoy his talks now. He has some insightful views on the Church and society as a whole.


He lives it, and he lives it publicly, that is promotion. That being said, I might give him another look. At least he’s frank about his sinfulness, now if only he could come to reject his sin outright.

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I would definitely recommend another look.

I think he lives it publicly in so much as, people are aware he has a husband. He hasn’t revealed the identity of his husband and he doesn’t make appearances with him in public. He definitely doesn’t seem like his he trying to promote it. He also, as he has done in his book, doesn’t try to pretend it’s okay he has a husband. He knows it’s wrong. I think the only reason he mentions he has one, is because he’s trying to be truthful about his current situation, and feels that if he criticises gay marriage and then it comes out that he is in one, it wouldn’t look good. So he is honest about it from the get go.

We need people who aren’t intimidated by the more authoritarian crowds in the left who want to shut down free speech, religious liberties, etc., under the smokescreen of ‘safety’, but Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t the answer. He uses bluster and vulgarity to attract attention.

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I have at least one of his books and actually find him to be a good read and his views are well argued. Regarding the sexual abuse crisis he is very critical of the current hierarchy and their handling of the sex abuse crisis, but he has gone out of his way to express his love and admiration for the Church and believes it is the last bulwark against a tide of political correctness and immorality engulfing Western civilization.

I watched an interview on BookTV last year, yes, go ahead and laugh! LOL… about a book by Liz Wheeler called Tipping Points. She is quite intelligent and goes about refuting such things in a calm and professional way, but is not intimidated at all by confrontation. I still plan to get her book…

Him and Ben Shapiro I cannot tolerate

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