Thoughts on patience...and prayers


I’m sitting in a coffee shop on a Sunday night and I was looking forward to having a good pasta dinner and wifi to catch up with my messages and updates from family abroad. But then, it didn’t exactly start right. First, the network which my computer cannot seem to get in range with and second, the password that just won’t work. Well, it actually did work but only for 30 minutes or so, after which, I couldn’t connect to it again and I ended up going home not having to log out from all my networks. Yikes.
But going back to 2 hours before all these, I was actually sitting in the front pew of St. Jo’s attending mass after having a reflective (more like dramatic) afternoon. I had another moment at mass, so to speak. And it’s rather a shame that I had to forget all about that just because my patience tested me tonight with a little troubleshooting with my internet connections. Oh well. It’s still up to me to choose what my attitude should be. I could choose to be angry and get to sleep having an upset thought at the back of my mind or I could choose to just look forward to tomorrow where I can do this all over again. Not on the same coffee shop of course.
I’d like to add some more thoughts from about 2 days ago. While I was assisting in a gastric surgery for a woman who has cancer, I found myself praying at the back of the surgeon while retracting (part of the patient’s skin or muscles need to be retracted with a blunt instrument in order to have a clear field for the surgeon) and started to praise God and prayed just unceasingly in some sort of way. I prayed for the patient, the surgeon and everybody else in that room. That was the most prayerful 1 hour of my life. And it felt good and productive rather than just standing there and judging everyone and having other bad thoughts about other people. I know this is just a simple thought. But I can’t help but say that God really works among us and within us in the most unexpected situations yet simple ways in our lives. And I personally believe this is all part of my asking Him to let me continue in His love for me. I need Him everyday not just in the morning or the evening during my prayer time. But rather, every minute and hour of every day. I ask Him to consume my thoughts and my whole being. Our God is such an amazing and loving God. Amen?


Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts on patience and prayers. You are on the right track by reflecting the necessity of God’s presence in our daily lives and the good fruit when we focus on others and send out our love with prayers.

Like you have experienced in the surgery room, you must have realized how many unfortunate people are out there, like the cancer patient. We all encounter inconvenience and annoyance in our daily lives, like the short time connection of internet in that coffee shop.

Comparing to so many sufferings in the world, such annoyance is nothing. Don’t you agree?

Maybe next time when such incident appears, you can offer them up to God and pray a prayer of gratitude for all the blessings you have in life.




Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: Prayer is truly a wonderful grace!


Thank you for affirming what i have shared here. yesterday afternoon, our patient underwent another surgery since she was not feeling very well this past week after her 1st operation (her gastric cancer doesn’t have a very good prognosis). Tt was not my turn to assist the surgeon at the OR this time but nevertheless, our God still gave me the chance to offer all the work i encountered at the emergency room for my thoughts were with her. I thank God for letting me experience this gift and still continue to ask Him that He sustains me in this daily struggles with work combined with prayers. May the Lord work in each of us in His most wonderful and personal way.


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