Thoughts on statues


A couple weeks ago I was approaching the doors to our church, and my sister and I passed this small statue of the Virgin Mary in a fenced-in yard next to the church. When I went past it, it felt like one of those movie scenes look, when one thing is staying still and everything is moving behind it. I always feel like time stops when I’m around statues, and looking at the faces makes me feel peaceful. I always feel really not-alone around all the statues in my church, and just quiet and at peace, like a silent relief.
Sorry…rant. :smiley: Anyone know what I mean? Any similar experiences?


I agree! I love the statues at my church. I wish I could afford some for home :thumbsup:


Well, as Mother Angelica (EWTN) says… statues, icons and sacred art… are holy reminders! That’s why we Catholics use them.

I’m glad to hear that the statues you see… help to raise your mind to God. That’s exactly their purpose!

God bless. :slight_smile:


Oh my. Statues.

At my elementary school there was a meditation garden. With a big statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mother Mary, and St. Joseph (the school’s namesake). I always loved going there, even as a child. It was just lovely to sit and keep Jesus, Our Lady, and St. Joseph company for a little while, and offer up some prayers.

One of my favorite statues ever is in the Church attached to my elementary school. There is a huge state of Joan of Arc. She’s just standing there on the left of the altar, watching over everyone in the Church. She’s simply beautiful. So brave and full of holiness. I adored looking at her when I was a girl, and I still do.



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