Thoughts on the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Do you pray this devotion?
When we pray the Rosary, we have the mysteries to meditate on. But the chaplet is different. we are praying the same prayer repeatedly, and it seems redundant. We know that God hears our prayers and desires to have mercy on all sinners.
Why is it helpful to pray it 50 times?

Any thoughts?


Hi. :slight_smile: I’ve had thoughts too thinking that same question in regards to already having the Rosary.

You’d have to double-check but the Divine Mercy Chaplet seems to be supplicatory pleading on behalf of humanity, dedicated to begging for mercy, for sinners, with the sole focus being God’s Mercy, from the Father, through Jesus’ wounds, for the need of reconciliation on behalf of individuals and the whole world. The Rosary, on the other hand, contains the Holy Mysteries, of Jesus whole life, pondered upon, stored, and contained in Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Obviously, the Passion is also detailed within the Rosary, but the Chaplet is pointed to one specific point of our Redemption. The Rosary contains the entirety of the Gospels, whereas, the Chaplet seems to contain purely the Sacrificial, suffering element.

The chaplet is not so much meditative as it is a prayer. The Rosary, as well as being prayed straight, is used for meditation.

The Rosary is very much an acknowledgement, too, of Our Lady’s intercession. The Chaplet seems to be direct prayer to the Father. However, at the start, the Our Father, Hail Mary and The Creed are prayed, so while it might seem as if one is taking an alternate route with the Chaplet, in fact, it is not the case. If one was to neglect the beginning prayers, then one might be attempting that. The hierarchical structure of grace, is always in place, however.

It is good to pray this Chaplet between the hours of 3pm and 4pm.

Although the Rosary is good to say for any reason, the Chaplet is helpful for bringing to mind one’s own sinfulness, to prepare for Confession.

The repetition does not have to be the same in one’s mind. If one is used to praying the Rosary, then one is used to thinking of Jesus’ Passion, and therefore, can apply thinking of Jesus’ Passion, while praying the decades of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


I would suggest the reading of the diary written by St Faustina to gain a greater understanding on the richness of this devotion. You could also try and do some research here on Catholic Answers Forums as there is a lot of good information. For me? I meditate on the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus ( i started with the 5 sorrowful mysteries as said with the Rosary) while I recite this Chaplet. And I believe that was Jesus’ instruction to St Faustina when he gave it to her.

sorry meant to say that i believe that it was Jesus’ instruction to St Faustina that she/we should meditate on his sorrowful passion and His 3 hour agony on the cross while reciting the Chaplet. I was not intending to suggest the He said we should use the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. In my limited way, it seemed like a good place to start. I wanted to make this clarification before someone came along and “reprimanded” me (lol)… Email/Posting text doesn’t always allow for the good or positive intentions of a comment to be recognized by the perfectionists :p.

The prayers of the chaplet are like the extension of the Mass, they are Eucharistic. You can meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries while praying.

Exactly, dantasticguy.

I recommend this as well to members when they seem to have difficulty understanding any part of the Chaplet. I recommend that they read the Diary then, and especially refer to the part of it where it came into being. I think that it will then help people to have a better understanding of it. :slight_smile:

I think for each repetition, some grace is granted provided it is prayed fervently.

I heard that with the rosary, a rose is made for each prayer offered, the same with the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Besides that, I think with both the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the rosary that this helps reinforce this into our conscious and subconscious mind and spirit through many repetitions.

I meditate on the sorrowful mysteries. There is a you tube video for the Divine Mercy rosary. The video is really moving, and you feel like you are there at The Passion. I strive to say this everyday at 3.

I say a daily Chaplet for particular people like my deceased father and friend who had a stroke.

For some reason, from the first time I heard it, it really touched my heart.

I admit that I don’t pray the Chaplet often unless someone is in dire need of prayers. I believe in the power of the Divine Mercy. My grandfather was a lapsed Catholic who refused to believe in Christ. When he got sick, I prayed the Chaplet over him everyday. On his deathbed, he repented and willingly received Extreme Unction. I know that it was the infinite Mercy of Jesus that saved him. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

It calms the mind and heart.

One example here:

Many thoughts come to me when I pray the divine mercy chaplet, and I feel like I understand many things.

I often have difficulty praying the rosary, and get quite bored. I think we are called to pray different prayers.

Yes I have done this before and on His five wounds.

This special prayer was taught to St. Faustina by Our Lord, so it is a blessing believe in this origin and holy efficacy. In particular, she was asked to pray often for the dying, especially at the 3 o’clock hour.

One day while shopping with my husband who wanted to explore the many tools at Harbor Freight, I stayed in the car, since I knew how much he would enjoy his browsing. I had a sudden inspiration to pray the Chaplet for him, with a fervor and devotion that was deep in the Spirit. We had lunch shortly afterwards, and he died suddenly within the few hours after lunch while installing chains on his tractor - yes, it crushed him.

I believe so strongly that my prayer which preceded his death was truly inspired as his last viaticum, so to speak. Praise be to God!

When one reads the Diary, we will find passages where God told Faustina to pray the Chaplet when a horrific storm was threatening the convent - see 1731. It suddenly abated after her prayer, and this was narrated by her two other times. 1128 and 1197.

I followed her example when our area had been deluged by snow storms, and a new one was forecast promising another 6+ inches. I prayed for protection, and believe me, every area around us was hit, but my town was as though in the middle of a donut hole - no more than an inch.

I share this because Our Lord taught her after these storms abated, “Everything can be obtained by means of this prayer.” Of course, one may know this by personal experience and absolute trust in God, who is Himself the Author of it.

I almost forgot - he died on October 13th, the day of the final apparition at Fatima.

Wonderful story Sirach2, I loved to hear it. I am often moved to pray the chaplet, you inspire me never to ignore such urges in future.

I wish I could send you my copy of the diary, but I have already lent it to someone else lol.

Sometimes I pray the Chaplet along with this song because it touches my soul.

A previous poster mentioned (and I am paraphrasing) that maybe some are called to pray the Rosary and some to this Devotion of Divine Mercy… hearing this made my heart leap because sometimes I feel like I am bad for not praying the Rosary as much as I should. There is so much richness in our Lord’s Passion that I feel this is where I want to be.

After a quick google search I found this link to the diary for free. I did not go through it, but give it a try

Jesus I trust in You!

I like to think about scenes in the Bible where Jesus shows Mercy when I pray the Chaplet. Helps to remind me that God is merciful and how important Faith is.

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