Thoughts on the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and what it means for us


Thoughts on the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and what it means for us

My dear friends
On this great feast I’d like to share some thoughts. What does the cross mean to us? I think it should mean what it does – it means victory, Christ’s victory over sin and death. Sadly today most people shun the cross. It is seen as something horrible, something to be avoided. It is the one thing the world rejects with all its might. Satan despises it. But for the true Christian it is something priceless to be venerated. Loved and affectionately accepted and embraced. We are the body of Christ and we must participate in the Cross , making up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ. The cross we share in is one of Gods greatest gifts to us. He sends it to keep us on the way, to purify, sanctify and make us members of His body, the church. Without the cross we cannot be children of God , and cannot share in the resurrection to life. The church has seen tough times the past century. Orthodox and traditional catholics, those who love the church most, are beaten and downtrodden at what they’ve seen and experienced. The church is hemoraging from the deeds of predators and dissidents, and has been sent reeling by the changes in the world since the 1960’s. Catholics all too often have become discouraged, frightened, confused and disillusioned with what they’ve seen. Many have left the church because of this. But there are many who have stayed to continue the good fight knowing that we have our victory, the victory of the cross. And at the end all will see and know this. Many of us ask what can we do, but more often why doesn’t the church change? The Pope is starting to try and change many things that will give us back our rightful pride and confidence- that we rightfully deserve and should have. I implore all to give their total support to the Sweet Christ on Earth. But we all have a part to play. The world has had a field day mocking, criticizing, abusing and belittling the church. We must fight back. But what can one person do? One person can convert the whole world. If our Blessed Mother lived today She could convert the whole world. She is in Heaven, but She still wants to do this. Jesus and Mary want to convert the whole world but can’t. Why? Because we are not doing enough to make the victory of the cross effective in our world. We need to be nailed to the Cross ourselves as we live out our lives in this world. We need to be living victims sharing in the suffering of Jesus as we go through this life. The cross is what saves men, and we carry that cross today. We need to be effective co-redeemers with our Lord and our Lady. The church is scorned and considered mediocre by the world. But when Mother Teresa lived she was a hero to many pagans and converted millions. If catholic’s are mediocre then the church will be mediocre because we are the church. We should strive with all our might to be the best Christians we can- Saints. Saints love and embrace the cross. We may not do great deeds but each must make a contribution as they are able. Life is short and we should make the very best use of what little time we have. We must learn from our Lord the value of the cross and share in it, immolating ourselves. We must become a living sacrifice nailed to the cross co-redeeming as many people as we can. I once heard it said if there were 5 St Francis of Assissi’s in the world at one time the whole world would be converted. Maybe we can’t be that holy, but maybe we can? Nothing is impossible. Some people are chosen to be saints by God, but this is only so He can show everyone how to be a saint. We are all called to be saints. The church tells us we are and we should listen and take this message very seriously and to heart. Saints are what’s needed to fix all problems in the world. We don’t answer for the whole world but we must answer for ourselves when we die. Prayer and sacrifice are what’s needed, along with a very holy life. It should be our goal to convert as many people as we can and to help as many as possible get to heaven. At the last day we’re going to be astonished at how much good those that took their faith really serious and put it into action did. We don’t always see the fruit of our labour for the Lord but we will later. We must put our hand to the plough and march through this life doing as much good as we can, and never look back. We should try to be such good Christians that all other Christians, other faiths and non believers will want to be like us. It can be done. It is the purpose of our life. The first Christians did this. We should imitate them. They witnessed to the point of death often, horrible deaths. We should have faith, conviction, enthusiasm and pride like these. We may not be called to do great deeds but we can sanctify everything, pray without ceasing and make the cross visible in us to all men, so that when Christ says – When I am lifted up I will draw all things to myself, we become the Christ who is lifted up today drawing all men to Christ who lives in us. We must become instruments of the Holy Spirit. We should sell our souls to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to form us into another Christ. Then when grace has transformed us we who have been crucified with Christ will go into the world and transform it into what it should be- paradise. A place of love where all men live in communion with God and each other. We cannot be frightened of the task before us. We must embrace the cross which sanctifies us and bear as much fruit as we can. I welcome your thought or comments, and I know there are many already striving to do this.

God bless you dear friends:thumbsup::slight_smile:
P.S. I especially need to heed my own advice.


Today we glory in the Holy Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today we venerate the most important instrument of Christ’s Passion: the tree of life on which the fruit of immortality hung, and this fruit we have in the Holy Eucharist and will have in abundance in the New Jerusalem. Today we remember the Victim, whom we kill anew by our mortal sins, and who gave His life for us out of love and mercy, that we might have newness of life - share in the Divine Nature - in Him: out of death has come life, just as out of darkness came light. Hail, O Cross of Christ, O banner of the elect, O sign of salvation, O gift of the Lord!

Lord Jesus, give us each day our daily crosses, and the patience to bear them, that we might help You save souls from sin, from tepidness, and from the fires of Hell!

Holy Mary, Mother of the fruit of immortality, Source of our Redemption! Pray that we might never scorn or turn away from the Cross of Christ, but embrace and cherish it and accept it cheerfully as a gift of the Father, just as the Son loved and yearned for His suffering and death for us men and our salvation.


O Crux Ave Spes Unica Hail O Cross Our Only Hope.


Thank you for your comments dear Nick.:thumbsup: Have you thought how Jesus and Mary were cast out of the holy city because of sin. And how the holy city symbolises the garden of Eden. And Jesus and Mary, the new Adam and Eve make reparaton for the sin of the first ones. They came out so we can get at the tree of life and eat it’s fruit so in potentiality we could return to the garden of Eden, and ultimately get to our final destiny - heaven. We are meant to try and get paradise back - that’s why we have this fruit to eat.Happy feast day to you and all:thumbsup:

God bless you dear Nick:thumbsup::slight_smile:



My dear friend

I have often complained about my cross but if I had none it would mean God did not love me and there would be no hope of eternal life for me.

Happy feast day and God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



The cherubim in Genesis 3 guards the way to the tree of life. I wonder what guards the way to the Cross? Hmmm…I’ll do some research on that.


To John

I also have often complained about my cross(es). I’ve heard it said that God measures our crosses exactly so that they are not one inch too long, or one ounce too heavy, and that He is with us when we carry these crosses…

God Bless.


ps. I enjoy and am grateful for your posts.


One of the most touching scenes in the film “The Passion of the Christ”… was when Jesus receives His Cross, and lovingly embraces it. The people standing around, scoff at Him for doing this. Even though Sacred Scripture doesn’t tell of such an incident… I can readily accept that Our Lord WOULD have done just this. Without the Holy Cross… there is no Resurrection.

Our Lord was very clear on that point.

“If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself,
take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23)

The Cross is the “Way” for all of us, if we hope to be in Heaven with Him… one day.

God bless.


My dear friend Nick

I wonder too. Let me speculate for the sake of argument. Jesus knowing the tree of life was inaccessible to us so we could not eat the fruit and live carried it out of the Garden of Eden ( the holy city ) and He became the fruit on it so that all who eat this fruit may live , return to the garden and ultimately heaven. Jesus is God and He came to repair the damage that got us locked out of the garden. The garden was not a place, it was a state of being too. The crown of thorns was to rectify the thistles and thorns that would be the lot of man as he laboured in the field too ( this is one of the punishmnents mentioned after the fall). The 4 score and 9 lashes was to atone for the 69 children Adam and Eve had who represented all the offspring of our first parents possibly. The whole thing was to make it possible for us to get paradise back, and not just heaven. I hope your bug problem gets better too I pray for you and your intentions each day- I’ll pray the bugs find a new home;)

God bless you dear Nick:thumbsup::slight_smile:



My dear friend Ed

I think that’s the prayer of St Francis DeSales talkng about the cross your quoing. It’s very good. Thank you for your comments and input.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



:amen::blessyou: dear Marie

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



So true


My dear friends

Having passed from this life if we’re found worthy of eternal life we will meet St Peter at the Pearly Gates. He will say have you got a key for you must have a key, because this house has many chambers and each chamber will be opened by one key only. We must have a key and the larger the key the greater will be our joy in our own little chamer in heaven. For those chambers requiring the larger keys are reserved for those who will have the greatest happiness in heaven. The key is the Cross.

So we should bless God if we have a large cross.

God bless you all dear friends:thumbsup::slight_smile:



great thread :slight_smile: I learned a lot from it. God bless.


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