Thoughts on the Spirit Daily website

I am curious as to what anyone thinks about the website Spirit Daily.

I do visit it daily to get a nice summary of Catholic news stories, but I find that sometimes they go do extremes in promoting conspiracies that are quite unfounded. I know this first hand because earlier this year they provided a link to a news story about the removal of religious items from a church building that was a part of my parish (where I am pastoral council president). They linked to it with a headline of their own that implied that the parish and diocese had acted in sinister manner and did something underhanded, when in fact it was all done in accordance with Canon law vis a vis relegating a church building to profane and secular use.

Needless to say I was upset. I wrote to them and demanded an apology both public and private. The private one came – the public one did not.

Any other thoughts about it

In Christ’s Peace


glad to see I’m not the only one that visits the site…it was one of the first catholic websites I came upon and like you…I’ve learned to read the stories that don’t have legitimate web site links with a grain of salt…I see it as a National Enquirer kind of site but much better. :whistle:

there are some really neat links though…I really enjoyed hearing what is said to be Padre Pio’s voice…hmmm…now I wonder, do you think it’s really his voice?

I call it News of the Weird Catholic-style.
they seem to exercise no judgement at all regarding their links, some excellent ones, and the list is so comprehensive it is sometimes a shortcut to good sites, but some far out. the headlines to the news stories seldom reflect the actual nature of the content, and often the links don’t work or lead to sites where you must register. They persist in using “news” sources that are far outside the bounds even of modern journalism. for a quick look at headlines to real stories (not the latest Holy Person on a Tortilla, weeping statue, or doctored photograph) I would rather use myhomepage, For a more exhaustive news search, is my first choice. this site also links to various “social justice” type news of interest to Catholics, whithout having to resort to NC reporter.

Michale Brown (author and manager of that site) is Catholic, but ignores the church’s stance on Medjguore, Garanbandal, etc and is basically an apparition chaser and reactionary. The more he can yack about great chastisments and the such the happier he seems to be, imo

A mixed bag, IMHO. Some of their content is more pious than intelligent, & some is rubbish. OTOH, even the more dippy stuff is useful as a reflection of popular piety; IOW, it’s interesting as material for the sociology of religion (though that is not its intended function :)).

IM considered O, the site is to popular piety what TAN Books is to Catholic publishing: both provide some good stuff, side by side by a generous helping of the not so good: though TAN would not on any account provide anything that cannot be clearly identified as unambiguously Catholic, unlike Spirit Daily, which does.

It makes me think of the Fortean Times :o - & of "Father Ted :o :smiley:

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