Thoughts on this new minister?

Okay, so I am an ex-Catholic who is considering coming back to the RC church. I am planning to take some classes for reverts from my local parish soon. Just waiting for the Sister who runs them to be back from holidays.

I currently am attending a Calvinist church, and we have been without a minister for awhile. We had a minister come up last Sunday to preach and then the church members voted whether or not to keep him (they voted yes).

I got a weird vibe from him and I’m not sure what you all think of this. When I told my mom and Grandma about this situation (Grandma is a strong Catholic but loving of everyone no matter their denomination and mom is a lapsed Catholic as well) and they both said to run far from that church!

Anyways, this minister started telling his story… basically he grew up in a Muslim household that wasn’t strict, and when he and his wife moved to the States they met some Christians. They learned a bit about God but didn’t know much, so he got a book from a bookstore that mentioned God and angels, but it was an occult book. He followed some directions and created a Ouija board for him and his wife to try to talk to her deceased mother with. Well he said that after that they had demons invade their homes and themselves, and that they were very scared, and eventually found these Christians who were able to “cast the demons out”. He then said he felt God calling him to become a minister, so he went to seminary, and he said that even then he and his wife were still “casting demons out of each other”.

Now, I am by no means a doubter – I know that God is real and so are angels, and so Satan and demons are real too. But – I don’t know how I feel about him and his story. It was an odd thing to discuss with parishioners at his first meeting, and I don’t know if it is even appropriate to do so.

I know that Ouija boards are bad though! My Mom always warned me to never mess with them, or psychics, or stuff like séances or tarot cards. My Mom told me that she was once given a Ouija board for her birthday (back in the sixties) and Grandma just walked it to the curb and threw it in the rubbish bin!

Thoughts on this guy?

“Casting demons out of each other”? I’d want some evidence that they seek marriage counseling before blaming things on demonic influence.

which seminary accepted him after a tale like that? Online, maybe? Maybe some fringe pentecostalist/baptist group?

A Presbyterian seminary I believe

How did he manage to get through seminary school, if he apparently still had demons? Only to be casting them out later?

I would follow everyone’s advice and get out of there… Right back to your Catholic parish. No Ouija boards or demons allowed there! :thumbsup:

What kind of Calvinist church is this? Is it affiliated with a particular denomination?

I’m thinking this minister sounds like someone who experienced something he could not explain but came into contact with Neo-charismatic or “Third Wave” type Christians who believe in a particularly strong and developed theology of Spiritual Warfare and demonology.

He is certainly not Pentecostal. Pentecostals do not believe that born-again Christians can be possessed by demons. Yet, his claim that he and his wife are still casting out demons from one another fits in with the Third Wave, Signs and Wonders Crowd.

Somehow, he ended up in a Calvinist seminary, this seemingly strong charismatic influence not withstanding. I can’t understand why any Calvinist seminary or denomination would approve him. Most hardcore Calvinist churches tend to be quite strict and non-charismatic in theology.

That would be my guess. I don’t agree with either Calvinism or the belief that born-again Christians can be demon possessed. If this minister is still demon possessed, I would think that would be something he want to get straight before he started pastoring people.

If this is what was discussed up front I wonder what is going to come out later. Regardless of this guy, I would leave the church based solely on the fact that it is Calvinist. I personally do not believe Calvinism is truth. Come home to the Catholic Church.

the One you Seek, Seeks you.

Catholicism is Christianity at its fullest expression.

Catholicism is pre denominational. We are the originals.

I look forward in shaking your hand at Mass when we give the sign of Peace.

the Christian identity is a belonging to the Catholic Church because to find Jesus outside of the Church is not possible. Pope Francis.

Galatians 1:8, 9.,

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed. As we have said before and now I say again if anyone preaches to you a gospel other than the one that you received, let that one be accursed.

I will be the last person to determine, especially over one brief paragraph, wheather someone is false and has no saving faith… Thats for God. But please follow your conscience which has been confirmed by the posters here,… leave that pastor as fast as you can!

I think God has led you here for some support. This forum can never be some things, like an infaillible source for answers. But there are many good Christians here who have a gift for good advice and hold fast to sound doctrine. And believe it or not, they are not even all full fledged Catholics :wink:

It is not healthy to go into seminary with demons and casting them out of one another with his wife! Shouldn’t that tell you something about which seminary and departure of faith he has asscociated himself with?

My advice is to follow your conscience which is pulling you to your baptismal faith! Do not be anxious for things to come quickly, Jesus is with you right now! And you are free to take your worship to Mass. Read the Scriptures and pray in your room. Come together in the Mass to stregthen your faith, fellowship, grace, and love for the Lord.

See you around…


I think I would avoid this guy and come back home.

May God bless you

Custódi nos, Dómine, ut pupíllam óculi.
Sub umbra alárum tuárum prótege nos

Got out of that church now and get back to your Catholic parish church, now! :slight_smile: :gopray: :hug1:

Perhaps the minister and wife were merely praying for each other; casting out sinfulness in thought and action? He has been drawn into the Christian Church; it is not common for Muslims to convert. Listen to his sermons and observe his ministry. Keep in mind that Calvinists have superiors that includes elders and the presbytery. It would be appropriate to inform these authorities.

I have no idea why the congregation voted to keep that guy on, but your Mom and Grandma (and you too, because you saw the red flags) are right, run as far away as you can from that situation! It sounds like trouble.

Wow. Wow. Isnt he special???
When our new priest came from India
he just said he didn’t like to cook…

My feeling? Either revert to Catholicism or find a
Presbyterian who is not a former Muslim possessed
by demons in a marriage with too much time
on their hands. There are thousands of ministers out
there who aren’t quite THAT special.

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