Thoughts on this?

I was kind of suprised when I read this reader comment to this Yahoo! News article:

“John Paul II couldn’t hold a candle to Pope John XXIII, who actually had an understanding of what Christianity is and should be. John XXIII reached out to all Christians everywhere and put aside the nonsense that only Roman Catholicism is the “one true church.” The one true church is the Body of Christ, composed of all who believe in Him, irrespective of any earthly institution, or membership in any denomination. John XXIII knew that. He also realized that worshiping in a language that the the worshipers don’t understand isn’t worship at all. The people who sit in the pews need to be actively involved in worship – they are not the audience watching performers up by the altar. In fact, God is the audience, the people in the pews are the performers, and the people up by the altar are the directors. I sorely miss John XXIII who is, in my heart, soul and mind, a saint.”

I thought it was JP II that started the bringing together of all the faiths?

What a guy !!! But what about those that believe in Christ but have some really weird teachings that dont seem to follow what Christ said or change what He said?

I love the way people who are not the Pope know just “what Christianity is and should be.”

We should just call this guy when we have a question, apparently he is the true expert.

Dum pope.


For the record, I didn’t write that comment. Some-one else did. My question is: wasn’t JP II who was responsible for the reconcilliation of the faiths?

No historian I, but Pope John XXIII was pope during the tme of Vatican II. I think it noteworthy that it was this council which layed the foundation for the ecumenical movement we’ve seen these lasy 60 years. I credit, and give God thanks, for all of the popes since then who have chosen to expand on this; Paul VI, JP II, and Benedict XVI (JP I, sadly, had so little time).


Vatican II was convened during the pontificate of Pope Paul VI, 1961-1964. Pope John 23rd however was credited to make the initiative for the council to happen when he called to pray for a second Pentecost. However, he did not live to preside over the council due to his untimely death, when Paul VI took over.

Thanks, Reuben, for the correction. :thumbsup:


You are welcome, Jon.

John XXIII is held very dear by substantial number of Catholics for reason stated. Never was a ‘pope material’, not a runner, much less front runner, during the election for a new pope. He was elected probably as safe alternative to the lobbying of the favorite cardinals. How the Holy Spirit works and what a great pope he was made to be who renews the Church by and large. (The present tense is intentional because every renewal must be attributed to the Holy Spirit).

I knew that! I don’t think we can attribute this to him only. It is a process, and his work, while he surely moved forward in a big way, was based on the work the at came from Vat2. Their work, was explication of what came before them.

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