Thoughts on Weekly Confession?

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Just for the record I am not being scrupulous, but I have been running into a lot of web content lately that emphasizes the benefits of going to confession weekly. Personally I cannot think of anything better than the feeling of going to confession on Saturday, followed by Mass, and recieving the Eucharist (what TRULY is Jesus himself!) that same day. What are your thoughts?

The Power of Confession CAN NEVER be underestimated. A good valid Confession is even more powerful than an effective exorcism. It is a Sacrament and there is NOTHING more powerful than the Sacraments. (If ever you have cause to doubt me, you can always look these things up.)

My personal experience is that weekly confession enables me to more thoroughly examine my conscience. I don’t have a long period for which I need to recall my thoughts, words, actions and failures to act so I can remember more sins if I confess weekly, and that helps make my monthly spiritual direction appointment more productive (my confessor is also my SD).

That said, I would rather go less often. Every two weeks seems to be my ideal frequency. Weekly confession grants me the grace to get through to the next confession, but I don’t stumble and fall any less than I do when I go fortnightly. It’s my confessor/SD who insists I go weekly. I realize in the end it’s my decision, but I’m trying to be obedient.

Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong.

(Personally, I need to go more often. )

Every week seems like it could be too often. Wouldn’t you run the risk of examining your conscious too deeply, trying to find things to confess, and end up really miserable, picking at every little moment that may or may not be a sin? You could become OCD over it, seems to me.

It could be a risk if one is scrupulous. I am not, nor have I ever been, scrupulous.

If it was me, I’d ask my priest, especially the one I was using as my confessor. See what he thinks, what you need. Maybe you need a spiritual director more than weekly confession, or perhaps both. He can best tell you if you are being scrupulous or not.

Weekly confession


I kinda get the gist of what scrupulous is, e.g. that it’s a rigid self-accounting of one’s life, but is there a broadly accepted definition? :confused: I’m not familiar with its use in this context.

I recommend weekly confession. It allows for more examinations of conscience every week and being in a state of grace more often, as one can never know when its their time. There is also powerful grace that can be obtained right after confession. On the side, it also allows for more indulgences to be gained for others :slight_smile:

Though if one is scrupulous, going to confession and asking for the grace right after confession to overcome scrupulosity can be a powerful combination for overcoming the vice, but if one was going just to confess for wrong reasons (such as fear and etc) instead of through the desire stemming from contrition, then I don’t think it should be recommended.

My confessor is quite big on weekly confession, especially if it’s devotional confession rather than for mortal sins. Unless someone has a bad case of scruples, he says everyone should be availing themselves to this sacrament in order to make sure they are constantly examining their conscience and rooting out their vices as they strive towards perfection.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think we have to worry too much about people over-examining their conscience, but rather people with lax consciences that are examined too infrequently.

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This is a practice I’ve been following now for several months. I agree it is a very good practice. The benefit of weekly confession is hard to overestimate. Many forms of venial and mortal sin cannot stay in place when confessing weekly. I highly recommend it. I go right before Holy Mass on Sundays.

MtnDwellar’s top 10 reasons for frequent confession:

  1. You never know when you will meet God. It is good to be prepared.
  2. Receive Sacramental Grace which helps to overcome sin.
  3. Helps to stop commiting venial sins. Venial sins can grow into worse sins.
  4. Pope Pius XII went daily. He was a Pope!
  5. Helps to advance in virtue.
  6. Advance in self knowledge.
  7. Grow in humility.
  8. Frequent confession is necessary for a person who is trying to advance spiritually
  9. Spiritual direction is obtained.


  1. There is a bakery on the way to church which has the world’s best cinnamon rolls. :smiley:

Since I started going when I became Catholic, I’ve found myself gradually wanting to go more and more often. It kind of builds on itself when you start to realize how great it is :slight_smile:

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