OK. I was researching where in my area I could find a TLM and while doing so there were articles out of our local newspaper asking our Bishops and Priests opinion on the two different Masses. The Bishop replied “Mass is Mass” which was rather upsetting as he is old enough to have experianced the TLM. The Priest replied he wouldn’t be inclined to do it (the TLM). Personally I think both of these lines of thought are wrong. #1 being a convert from protestant I know that communion is symbolic to the prots and the not to us Catholics maybe he meant Catholic Mass is Mass but that still doesn’t sound right to me. As to being inclined to do it, it shouldn’t be a choice, at least in my opinion The Mass was given to us by Christ and it is for his Glory just because it may be harder or not draw in as many people shouldn’t be reason to downgrade it to something less than it could be. Or am I being disobediant in thought?:o

In my opinion the TLM is better.

Aside from my opinion, Summorum Pontificum tells us that the clergy should not be opposed to the Latin Mass, but actually quite the opposite. If you can find a group amongst you that wants the Latin Mass, then you’ve got it. If the pastor won’t help, write to the bishop. The bishop should handle it, although if this is not the case then there are still others who can help you.

The Bishop was right, Mass is Mass. The EF is not inherently better than the OF. They are both the Mass and even the Pope didn’t say that one form is better. How people react to each is a different matter.

I think it would be great if the people who want the EF could have access to it, but in smaller communities, with only one priest – one who has not experienced the EF since he was a child if he’s ever experienced it at all – it’s not likely to happen nor should it be expected.

I have to admit that in the last 25 years I’ve only met one priest who would happily celebrate the EF. He’s the only priest I’ve ever met who knew and cared that Latin should be a large part of the OF on a regular basis. He was a ‘fill-in’ priest who travelled from parish to parish replacing vacationing priests or going to serve priestless remote communities at Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately, the parishioners were ready to run him out of town in a few days: they no longer want hellfire and brimstone sermons or a dressing down after Mass because they didn’t go to confession before Mass. It takes a brave - or foolhardy - man to come into a parish for 3 Sundays and try to change things that have been in place for decades.

Personally, I do not see the problem with either statement. The Bishop here expressed the Catholic doctrine on the matter. Mass (whether OF/NO, EF/TLM, Eastern Rite, etc.) is Mass. Now, a person may stylistically prefer one Rite over another, but they are all equally valid.

Statement 2 is merely the Priest giving his opinion. Just as a layperson maybe more or less inclined (prefer) to attend Mass of various Rites/Forms, why couldn’t a Priest be more or less inclined (prefer) to celebrate Mass of various Rites/Forms. Remember, many Priests educated in the Post-Vatican 2 era may have little experience celebrating the EF/TLM and, thus, would not want to celebrate such a Mass simply because they would feel unable to do it well and not fully understand the meanings of what they are doing and saying.

EDIT: And one of my biggest complaints with certain fellow Traditional Catholics is this view of holding the EF/TLM as being almost intrinsically superior to the OF/NO Mass. While, stylistically, some may view the EF/TLM as superior to the OF/NO, that is a matter of personal opinion (just as many Eastern Rite Catholics might view their given Rite as stylistically superior to the Latin Rite, whether OF or EF), but ever Rite and Form that is accepted by the Church is equally valid. Now, I agree that better steps have to be taken to prevent liturgical abuse that occurs in OF/NO, but l.a. should be equally offensive regardless of what Rite or Form it occurs in and should be stamped out.

Thank-you for all the input. I need to just accept things the way they are. I see now I was reading things into their statements that I shouldn’t have been. I stand corrected and humbled. :slight_smile:

In my opinion the TLM is better.

And the Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil, and St. James are the best of all!

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