Thousands attack Christian homes, shops in Egyptian village [CWN]

A crowd of 3,000 Muslims burned and looted some Christian homes and shops in an Egyptian village after a rumor spread that a Coptic Christian man had a photograph of a Muslim village girl …


This madness has to stop. :frowning:

يا مريم, صلي من اجل مسيحيي مصر! (O Mary, pray for the Christians of Egypt!)

My heart sinks and distressed to hear this. :frowning:

I pray for the healing of this terrible nightmare to those poor Christians. Shall offer today’s Mass for this intention.


Female honour is a sensitive issue in our Arabic/Islamic culture…

Even a phone call can cause a killing not just a picture or dating…

Climatic situation with a 50% control now by the MB. The only hope for Egypt is the new constitution which will allow the religious freedom of the remaining Christians. We won’t see this for another 6-months. Truth is its not much to hang your hat on anyway.

Ah, the blessings of the Muslim Spring. Now there will be peace. . . . when all of the Christians are dead. Such a wise person is our president to support them instead of the insurrection in Iran the previous year. Aren’t you glad you voted for him.

A number of us were very suspicious in how quickly and little explanation we were now supporting Arab Spring which is really the rise of Fundamental, state run Islam.

The Christians in Kashmir are now being told to leave…Christians in Nigeria are wanting to leave…

Time to start wearing our crosses publicly as this same power base in our country is now wanting our Catholic health services to stop life in contraception and abortion…and the bishops will shut down our health care system rather than use it for death culture.

The Mass, the rosary, penance, fasting are much in need to counter this fratricide in its various forms.

A savage faith, Islam.

That “photograph” you ‘innocently’ refer to was of three copts raping the muslim girl. When you live in a mixed community in a small village what do you expect to be the response?

A savage faith, Islam.

I think you will find it is christendom that is the savage faith. Your history is one of slaughter for jews and muslims and minorities such as in the amerikas. Where are the muslims of spain? Killed off. And eastern europe? Killed off. The copts & assyrians catholics & maronites & jews have all lived in peace within the muslim lands for 1400 years, protected under sharia law.

Where are your minority communities of muslims and jews from centuries past?

I don’t believe the bit about the picture…

This one statement gave me a good belly laugh.

The muslims of spain?

Ialsm spread into Spain via conquests and wars and it all started in the year of 711, and islam ruled it until 1492. That’s 700 years of islamic conquests into Spain.

Spain was never yours, Spain never had “muslims” until your religion raged war on the country.

Do you even study history of how your people even got to Spain.

Islam is a religion of peace and mercy. Two of Allah’s names are Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful) and Ar-Raheem (The Especially Merciful).

Funny, but all the same arguments the Egyptian Muslims use were used up in the Jim Crow South and proven to be largely false. No black man in the South at that time was stupid enough to go commit crimes against whites, and no Copt is dumb enough in MuslimBrotherhoodistan to go raping a Muslima.

Guess those Copts will learn their place amongst the civilized Muslims yet. :rolleyes:

Here’s a hint: All “Muslim” land in the area was, for around 600 years, Christian land. Who fought whom first?

Who was the aggressor? Who reacted to aggression?

Bishop after Bishop, Priest after Priest, Deacon after Deacon, Layman after Layman were slaughtered “bismallah”. Right now, the Copts are in a panic; the Chaldeans, in a panic; the Syrian Christians, in a panic; the Arab-Christians in made-up Palestine, in a panic.

And you want to come on here, on a Catholic forum, and act as if you’re the victim?

You’ll get a dead man to laugh before I buy that.

I’m one of many who personally believe the angel that visited Muhammad was not Gabriel but in fact Lucifer. The horrible atrocities committed by muslim extremists over the years and the general lack of compassion for anyone or anything outside of islam is proof enough that Islam is NOT a religion of peace. The fighting over the Iberian Peninsula, the Crusades all of these were responses to muslim aggression. Christians are seeking to live peacibly amongst their muslim brothers and sisters without having to sacrifice their faith. Yet despite the fact that they don’t want to change how muslims live their lives and simply want to be left in peace, they are met with violence at every turn. I’m not sure which is a bigger spreading cancer to the state of the world, secularization or islam? Either way both will condemn you in this life and the next. Praying for the conversion of all muslims that they put down their arms, throw aside their hatred based from ignorance of their satanic allah and come to find peace in the loving embrace of Christ who STILL loves them despite their slaughter of His faithful!

yeah, sure, Islam is a religion of “peace” as long as there is noone who is not a Muslim. At that point, it stops. Oh, wait, no that’s not right because Sunni and Shiites have been killing each other for centuries…Where is “peace”?:rolleyes:

brother, you are talking to someone who hasn’t read any history book unless its Islamic propaganda where Islam is wondeful and Christianity is full of savages:rolleyes:

Spain, Egypt, Syria, Palestine…these were Christian countries.

Spain was plundered for 700 years. In fabulous Cordoba…all non-Muslims were still dhimmi in their cultural golden years wearing a badge with green clothes, their witness meaning little, not allowed to carry a Christian or Jewish prayer book, not allowed to share their faith with others…

After Spain took back its country…and considering how all the rest went…I am now having a new respect for Spain…Muslims and Jews were feigning conversion and receiving the Eucharist without faith…a sacrilege.

Look at what happened when people in advertently burn a Quran or look or call up the wrong number…so many people killed…fanatics’ behavior in the streets…many hurt…

There was no picture but a made up story like the worst do to hurt Christians.

The House of War in Islam is at war with the West. Millions of Muslims are immigrating to Spain now to take it back, just as those who have immigrated to Israel to take Spain back. This taking back is fully conscious in Muslims who want totalitarian control of the world.

I believe some day a war will come and finally settle the problem…But I believe Christ will be the One Who is victorious, not hate and land lust.

Disagree - Islam is an ideology and the peace and mercy is questionable.

Leaving the Christians and Jews out of the picture and this conversation, look at what Sunni islam is doing again Shia islam and vise-versa.

And let’s not forget the Ahmadi muslims.

Thank you kindly… but I’m a “sister”… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pam is the name. :smiley:

oh, dear, talk about putting my foot in my mouth:blush: Nice to meet you, Pam:)
And yes, I’m Bev and I’m female:thumbsup:

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