Thousands Fill Hong Kong's Streets To Protest China Extradition Bill

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Anyone who protests against this bill I guess would be happy for their pregnant daughter to be murdered and then for the murderer to walk free in Hong Kong.

I think that you guess wrong.
I think that a move for an extradition treaty with Taiwan would be favored. But not at the cost of subjecting the people to Hong Kong to Beijing’ system of justice.

I guess it is indeed strange that even the USA has extradited criminals to China in the past when Hong Kong, being part of China, has not and cannot now.

Also what you propose would make sense if that is true. But unfortunately none of the protesters are advocating for it. They do not want any change to the bill at all. The lack of empathy is astounding.

Video is in English with Chinese subtitles

I heard over 2 million.

what’s even more ironic is that 94% of Hong Kong residents have the “return to China” passport and the majority of Hong Kong people regularly travel to mainland China, yes, even the “pro-democracy” political leaders. Fancy that they are quite happy to subject their whole body to Beijing’s system of justice in China and yet are so afraid that they might commit a severe crime (by definition jail term >7 years) with the possibility of being extradited to China?

If they are truly protesting and so afraid of Beijing, they should throw away their “return to China” passports and never set on foot on mainland China soil. I doubt the hypocrites will.

Do you support the communist Chinese state?

That’s irrelevent.
I’m simply pointing out the facts. It shows the inconsistencies and self-contradicting behaviour of people, and dispel the myths and lies perpetrated by some. People have lost the rationality and are not prepared to even have a proper rational sit-down discussion.

As Jesus said, “if there is something wrong in what I said, point it out”. No rationale for violent behaviours and irrational attitudes.

It’s not irrelevant. I would like to know why you think a state that jails political dissidents and harvests their organs should be welcomed into a city where it does not currently have jurisdiction. Why should people voluntarily submit themselves to a capricious and vindictive justice system? One is not a hypocrite just because they don’t want the Chinese State to apply its laws to Hong Kong, but they travel to China for various reasons. Literally anyone, anywhere in the world, goes to places with laws and criminal systems they don’t agree with when traveling to another country. One can simultaneously oppose the destruction of their autonomy and not be hermits stuck on an island.

China wants to put Hong Kong completely back in its sphere, not extradite men who kill pregnant women.

What you said is exactly where the lies begin. How can you be a fugitive from China unless one has travelled to China? And before one has successfully fled from China they could’ve got arrested in China. I really don’t understand why Hong Kong people need to worry. If you don’t go to China you can’t be affected. If you do go to China, then you are exposing yourself to getting arrested in China, no need to worry about fleeing, in most cases China would have got you already.

But the bigger issue remains, what to do about the murder victim case? The protesters have no suitable alternative solution. The lack of a solution shows how cold blooded people are.

The analogy is like “Catholics” who dlwants the Church to approve gay marriage and say how authoritarian the church is. Well just don’t be a Catholic! If you are a Catholic then you can’t complain something like that. So if you don’t want to be a fugitive from China then don’t go to China. You can’t have the cake and eat it too.

So let’s say your pregnant daughter travelled to China for “various reasons” and is murdered there. The murderer flees to Hong Kong. You are happy for the murderer to walk free in Hong Kong?

This is a false scenario. For one, the Chinese government murders babies in the womb as state policy, for every woman who gets pregnant more than twice. So an overt concern for pregnant women rings hollow.

But the real point is that an extradition treaty to China is the exact method the communist Chinese government needs and wants to exert more control over Hong Kong. The Chinese government targets and charges its citizens with “normal” crimes like theft, murder, etc when it want to silence them for political or religious speech and activity. The conviction rate is high as 99%. Not legit. Tell me, how many murderers of pregnant women are running free on Hong Kong’s streets? Where is a concrete example? And how many citizens of Hong Kong would find themselves enemies of the state in mainland China for what they are allowed to do in Hong Kong? Chinese government allowing mass demonstrations opposing the government in Shanghai and Beijing, are they?

The Chinese government will not accept a separate autonomous government in Hong Kong forever, and is already attempting to censor speech and political activity in the city. Just look at the news anchors who were recently fired for being “incorrect” while criticizing the communist government.

The only lies here are coming from the Chinese government, and I am sorry you believe them in this and on the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church question. Catholicism will die in China if it is complicit in such totalitarian practices.

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Well none at the moment but there will be one in October this year as a result of these protests. Don’t tell me you are not aware of the murder case that sparks this whole extradition bill amendment.

Do you support the Muslim Saudi Arabia state?

Lots! That’s exactly my point. Don’t go to China if the Hong Kong people are so scared of China!

It is not a separate autonomous government. Neither did the British accepted this. You obviously is ignorant of the Joint Declaration.

Anyway your response has just proved my point once again. All based on misinformation, ignorance and lies.

Many people from all over the world are willing to travel to China. I suspect that the number of them who have confidence in the justice system there is very small.

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And the risk they take by travelling to China and being arrested would be thousands times more risky than the amendment to the FOO (fugitive offenders ordinances) in Hong Kong. So what’s the bug fuss?
It’s like a smoker worrying about the harmful effects of mobile phones whilst ignoring the risk of lung cancer.

What is your point? The people of Hong Kong seem to be interested in securing for themselves more democracy and rule of law that is available in another regions in China. I support them. What will be allowed by the dictators in Beijing remains to be seen. I suppose that they might like to try to spin this into some nasty tale about the wish to harbor murderers of pregnant women. But nobody is buying that.

You have diminished my enthusiasm for travel to China enormously.

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