Thousands march in Madrid against planned abortion limits


Thousands of people marched in Spain’s capital today to protest against a government plan to limit abortions that has caused unusually open divisions in the ruling conservative People’s Party (PP).
Protesters from around the country joined the biggest demonstration so far against a draft bill to restrict abortion to cases of rape or severe danger to the mother’s health.
Four years ago, Spain came in line with most of the rest of Europe when the then Socialist government legalised abortion on demand in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.
“This is a step backward. We’re going back 30 years,” said Pilar Abad (58) among the demonstrators waving purple signs who marched from the main train station to the national parliament.


From what I have read, Rajoy’s proposal was intended to fulfill a campaign promise. The parliament is expected to dilute its provisions. Even within his own political party, many consider it too restrictive.

Quoting from the news article:

*Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s cabinet approved the draft bill on abortion in December - in a move widely seen as an attempt to appease his party’s disgruntled right wing - but it has not been submitted yet to parliament for debate.

Mr Rajoy recently signalled he was open to modifying the proposal after critics from within the PP said he had failed to build party consensus for the bill and the changes would be out of step with public opinion.

Polls show 80 percent of Spaniards, including practicing Catholics, support abortion on demand.*


Can someone give a short overview of the political situation in Spain, or Europe in general, which makes this attitude on abortion so common?

Is it more ideological than anything?


Giant backlash to the Franco regime, decades later.


This is disgusting. Spain never should have legalized abortion to begin with and now thousands of people are going to protest over restrictions like this? Wow. What on earth is going on with the world and its moral values? This really sickens me. Abortion should not be legal at all but since they aren’t going to make it illegal again then at least htey are going to pass these restrictions. It just sickens me that people would protest against restrictions like this.

Abortion is murder and it ought to be completely and totally illegal with no exceptions whatsoever, not even for rape or the mother’s health. Anyone who gets an abortion or who performs an abortion ought to go to prison for murder.


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