Thousands march in Spain on women's day despite coronavirus fears

Probably a good idea to honour it more quietly this year perhaps, although the issues they are highlighting are still worth marching for.

The Spanish Government held off stopping public events until after March 8 so that it could enjoy the benefits of the crypto marxist rally.

Righto, women marching for equal pay etc. and working conditions is ‘crypto- Marxist’.

Some of the women were marching for equal pay. Some were marching in favour of a woman’s right to choose, an end to the church, and a whole raft of crypto marxist causes.

I am guessing you haven’t visited Spain these past five years, it’s changed a lot.

It is equal pay for equal work. One wonders why that is objectionable. How is that Marxist? You give Marxism to much credit

You didn’t read what I wrote. Equal pay is the unobjectionable element of a totally objectionable programme. The feminist movement in Spain is not just about equal pay. Its about universal free abortion, universal free contraception, the abolition of marriage, destruction of the family unit and many other causes. A prominent wing of Spanish feminism demands the total destruction of the Church and uses the slogan “the church enlightens you when it’s burning”. They have desecrated Masses, burned churches and threatened priests.

I wonder how Italy has been hit so hard as opposed to other countries in Europe.

This is only the beginning. The rest of us will be hit hard too because countries are slow to take measures.

What caused a nation of Catholics to say things like that? I have to tell you, it is disturbing for me to hear that. I have to warn you though, I am prone to view such falling out listening closely to everyone.

They kiss and great a lot? That sounds funny, but it might be customs

That’s a very big discussion. Spain has been divided for a very long time between Catholic Spain and the ultra left.

The ultra left is winning.

Prominent at the march was the Spanish Minister of Women, Irene Montero, who a few years ago was part of a group of women who broke into a Mass, stripped off and shouted filthy abuse at the Church and Our Lady.

The government deliberately and irresponsibly postponed anti-Coronavirus measures so that it could allow the demonstrations to go ahead.

It is now reported that many of those present now turn out to be infected including the Minister of Women herself.

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