Thousands of Bibles Will Show Up in Public Schools Soon and It's Perfectly Legal


Since the 1962 landmark Supreme Court decision to remove prayer from public schools, Christians have fought to regain ground lost to political correctness.

More than 50 years after the ban on government endorsed prayer in school, one ministry is hoping to revisit the discussion by bringing the Bible back to school yards across America.

This Thursday, more than 300,000 students will let their light shine on their local campus though an initiative called “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” backed by Focus on the Family and Alliance Defending Freedom.

The one day event is completely student directed, meaning Christian youth groups lead the activities.

Focus on the Family says the purpose is to empower students to express their faith in a respectful way that shows the love of Christ.

In this season where religious freedom is a hotly debated topic, parents and participating students are encouraged to know their legal rights. Though there may be some negative reaction to witnessing on school grounds, they say bringing your Bible to school is a way of celebrating faith and religious freedom at the same time.

Students who voluntarily join this movement are encouraged to be a “voice of hope” while also respecting authority.

Focus on the Family points to young biblical leaders such as Daniel, Esther and Timothy who changed their culture by “taking a courageous stand for their belief in God.”


This is great! My understanding is that it is completely legal to carry your Bible to school AND to pray at school. The only requirement is that the students themselves must organize this - it can’t be state-directed.


I have the Verbum app to take part discreetly.


That’s been the case for a long time. It seems an issue of Christian kids not knowing they could still express their faith in school.


Why be discreet?




So I don’t get lynched or give scandal(my behavior is less than stellar, that and a Bible… ehhh. )


I have an app, most people have access to that, why would it be banned?


Then you know what needs to be done and this could be the turn around point for someone like you.

This is what the Act of Contrition means when it says, “and amend my life”.

Just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean judgement will be any different for you, so if you know you’re messed up then you also know that you can and should clean up your act.

Time to step up and be a Catholic. Take up your cross daily and follow Him…will your sufferings be as much as His? No way. Man up little brother.

Take a hard copy Bible…


If you are concerned what people will say/think why don’t you just bring your Bible and read it in the library during your lunch break? A library is usually kept quiet since others are trying to read too :thumbsup:




Christians never lost the ability to pray at school. The supreme court case removed faculty lead prays from school. Students have been and continue to be free to pray at school. Faculty members can participate in prayer, but not in the presence of the students.

I think it’s good to know one’s legal rights. With respect to this issue I think it would be good for more people to know of the cases that were taken into consideration by the Supreme Court when they made their decision.


My thoughts exactly…Jesus told us they would all hate us as they hated them, but people fail to recognize if we all just give in and compromise, they will have no reason to hate any of us.

Point is, for them to hate us, we have to be doing some things that really bother them and not just for one scheduled day here and there.


Something about digital forms of a book just don’t carry the same weight as printed ones in demonstrations. There was a book protest some years ago in which the people involved were going to gather some copies of the target book and burn them. Some people wanted to participate digitally. So they downloaded copies of the book and deleted them. One person went so far as to put copied of the book on an old mechanical hard drive and destroy it. Changing the electromagnetic state of a section of an aluminum disk or silicon chip just didn’t seam as strong of a display as with the physical books.


Yes, this is true. For anyone interested, the US Department of Education spells it out in greater detail.


This is interesting? I wonder if there will be Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox Christians all participating or if this is something that will likely only be done by one particular sect of Christianity? I know that some people consider the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Jehovah’s Witnesses to also be Christians. I wonder if these two unorthodox groups as well as other unorthodox Christian groups will be participating?


Although I don’t think this effort will exclude anyone, since it is being organized by Focus on the Family I would expect outreach and participation will largely be among Evangelical Christians.

On the other hand, this effort is largely a one-day stunt. As others have noted, there is no reason why students can not bring their Bibles to school, or pray in school, or organize religious activities on any given day If Catholics or Evangelicals or Mormons etc want to do these things, they already can.


Yeah you are right. It’s definitely legal for a student to bring their Bible to school or even pray in school. Prayer lead by the staff at a public school is illegal though.


I saw the title of this thread and honestly thought it was rather pitiful. Meaning that we’ve come to this.


I think US Christians tend to be poorly informed about their legal rights, which is why the headline writers wrote it the way they did. The “take your Bible to school” day isn’t anything startling, but the headline gives the impression that it is startling. This lends the story pizzazz that it otherwise lacked.

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