Thousands of Iraqi Christians in Jordan [CC]


Three thousand Iraqi Christians who have fled the advance of the Islamic State are now being fed at parishes in Jordan, according to Archbishop Maroun Lahham, who serves as an auxiliary …



According to the article, a large number of them want to immigrate to the United States and Australia. But the article also stresses the idea that Christianity in the Middle East is disappearing, and whether or not the West should be a contributor to that disappearance is an important factor.

…I say, for their safety, let them leave. Either that, or offer them a Western-protected Christian state of their own somewhere in that region… But that goes against the politically correct ideologies of tolerance and equality. What a mess.

…plus, there’s only a few thousand of them left. We’re too late. :o


The West will welcome them. I don’t blame them for not wanting to go back to Iraq. Islam will be the loosers, God will avenge his people. Mark my word, he has yet to act.



I hope so.


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