Thousands of pro-democracy protesters spend peaceful night in Hong Kong


The protesters are dismayed by China’s decision last month that candidates in the city’s first-ever election for its top leader must be hand-picked by a committee of mostly pro-Beijing tycoons. That move is viewed by many residents as reneging on promises to allow greater democracy in the semi-autonomous territory, since Beijing had promised that the chief executive would eventually be chosen through “universal suffrage.”

China’s communist leaders take a hard line against any threat to their monopoly on power, including clamping down on dissidents and Muslim Uighur separatists in the country’s far west, but it cannot crack down too harshly on the semi-autonomous territory where a freewheeling media ensures global visibility.

Across the border, Chinese state media have provided scant coverage of the protests beyond noting that an illegal gathering spun out of control and was being curtailed by police.

Democracy is on the rise.


Wow! For those on the forum who are into communism, take notice of this. Look how badly these people want democracy, and look how badly they are treated for trying to get it.


I had a student who was also from Venezuela, and she didn’t like communism, either. She said Chavez was on TV 5 hours of the day, and she had gotten really tired of it.


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