Thousands of students, parents ask Supreme Court to protect bathroom privacy [CNA]

#1 D.C., Sep 28, 2016 / 04:37 pm (CNA).- More than 8,900 students, parents and school community members are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to protect a restroom privacy policy for students in a Virginia school district.

“Placing students in circumstances where their privacy is compromised and they are at risk of bodily exposure in the vicinity of members of the opposite sex is not only demeaning and humiliating, but also denies individuals’ personal dignity,” said a legal brief filed by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of the concerned individuals.

“Courts have thus refused to require schools to open sex-specific locker rooms, showers, and restrooms to all students because permanent emotional impairment could result from the deprivation of students’ bodily-privacy rights,” the brief continued. “Instead, they have allowed schools to craft common sense solutions that respect every student’s privacy.”

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And this chaos is “progression.” meant to be flat and sarcastic:rolleyes:


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