Thousands of Venezuelans enter Colombia for food, medicine

*** . . . His critics accuse his socialist government of economic mismanagement. . . .***

Thousands of Venezuelans enter Colombia for food, medicine

July 17, 2016 Associated Press

. . . Maduro blames the shortages of food, medicine and basic staples in Venezuela on his opponents, who he accuses of trying to sow economic chaos to oust him from office. His critics accuse his socialist government of economic mismanagement.

Maduro ordered the 1,378-mile (2,219 kilometer) border shut in August 2015 . . .

There are about 200 countries in the world.

Other countries do not have these problems.

Seems like Venezuela wants free stuff provided by others and don’t want to do actual work.

There are other threads here on CAF that have been discussing this situation.

This was coming for a long time. Hopefully, his fear of getting the boot becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

VZ should not be in such trouble. They have the resources to meet their own needs, but have become a classic example of how a bad government can ruin everything.


I wonder how many people are even paying attention to this story?

Praying for the people in Venezuela.

Are you kidding? Until two years ago, relatively few outside SA knew where VZ even was.

Our Lady of Betania, intercede for them.



Venezuela has almost an infinite supply of oil, which they could develop into free energy, but they won’t do the work.

Venezuela has had a HUGE amount of oil for ? how long ? a century?

But they still have not done any development.

Petrochemical development.

An “oil institute” for education.

[editorial comment by me: what the heck is wrong with these people? they have everything and can’t seem to manage it.]

One of the other threads on Venezuela:

There are one million Venezuelan citizens.

Venezuela produces one billion barrels of oil per day.

The Venezuelan currency is called the “barrel”.

Every Venezuelan citizen receives money in the mail … everyone gets one thousand barrels per day to spend any way they want.

Problem solved.

I don’t know enough about Venezuela and how the people there got themselves into this sad problem. I remember that Hugo Chavez was elected on a platform of anti-western slogans, and a government based on socialism/ communism. The country borrowed ideological ideas from Cuba.

With the current regimen in power as long as it has been, I’m guessing the people of Venezuela have forgotten about what life was like before Chavez’s form of government took power. In some respects I wonder if George Orwell’s book Animal Farm applies to the current situation.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on them. Amen.

I don’t even know if they read it there. I lived there, (dog-years ago) and never heard that title until years later.

1977: VZ was a tropical paradise; the Bolivar was SA’s strongest currency, people sent theif kids to colleges in Europe and NA and made shopping trips to Florida, and they had problems with unauthorized immigration from the rest of SA, so they incepted national ID and travel checkpoints (on the roads) to stop it. Be careful what you wish for, everybody, you might get it! Unauthorized immigration into VZ has now presumably not been an issue for almost a generation.

1982: Oil prices take a tumble. As in Mexico, the currency heads downward, and the economy goes stagnant.

To 2000: Life does not get better, and successive governments bombard the people’s mind with anti-US slogans as explanation for how everything went wrong. Chavez is elected on a platform of “helping the poor” (by then, one could win an election in VZ by doing that). Sadly, this program consists in part of price controls, which drive local growers and producers out of business, which is why although VZ grew sugar during the 1900s, they are now running out of it.


no I am not kidding. when Hugo Chavez was alive people paid attention because of his outlandish behavior, but the world stage has changed since then with the Middle East, ISIS, China and Russia grabbing the headlines as well as our presidential election. Just because there are several threads here at CAF does not mean everyone is following what is happening in Venezuela.

Praying for Venezuela.

2013: Chavez’ daughter just happens to have $3.5 Billion in her checking account.

[Just thought I would mention that.]

Might be the same article as the OP.

Apparently the store shelves in Colombia are full.

The Venezuelan government insists on not allowing the people to cross to Colombia to buy things. But they allowed a brief window to cross just now.

Interesting article.

Doesn’t surprise me. If the people could easily leave the country, the world would see directly what a flop the current regime in VZ has become.

But if everybody becomes too pinched – that’s when leaders get the boot!


That’s encouraging to see, from a humanitarian stand point.

yes I had read she came out okay after her father died.

Yeah, she could fund a lot of assistance for her fellow countrypersons.

does she even still live in Venezuela?

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