Thousands of Women are Having Abortion, But No One is Talking

By Hilary WhiteLONDON, September 19, 2008 ( - Despite having one of the highest abortion rates in the world, women in Britain do not talk about their personal experiences with abortion. The subject, says Bethan Cole in a lengthy article in the Daily Mail, is still taboo.Cole…

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"Yet we should be talking more and exorcising this secret ordeal that so many of us bear alone."

“Necessity and panic, sorrow and regret, degradation and stigma” are the words uses to describe the own experience with abortion.The described herself as having had a “carefree” attitude towards sex, but said she had never seriously connected it with pregnancy. She writes that she “fell pregnant” after she had started a new job in London and was struck with a combination of sadness and panic.

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