Thousands protest same-sex marriage law in Paris


Thousands of people took part in a demonstration in Paris this afternoon, Sunday, demanding the repeal of the Taubira law which legalized same-sex marriage.

The demonstration, which comes only six months before the next French presidential election, was organizated by the ManifpourTous, an organization consisting of private citizens opposed to same-sex marriage.

ManifpourTous has been relatively quiet over the past two years, but organizers say that they have become active again to put pressure on candidates in the presidential elections.


They need to keep the pressure on.


I hope and pray for the day the same protests take place in Dublin. :thumbsup:


They look like a happy bunch of girls. Where do i get one of those hats? :slight_smile:


And here in America, but I don’t think we should hold our breath.


In other parts of the world, they protest unjust laws that can be changed by the will of the people, if they can muster up enough support for their cause.

In the United States, we protest unjust Constitutional Rights that can be changed by the will of five members of the United States Supreme Court.


Considering the horrendous history of Judeo-Christian religion when it comes to gay people (a mass persecution that lasted for more than thousand years and began when Christians came to power in the Ancient World and started spreading their ideology across the continent, and gays were to be burned alive by law like Nazi did in Dachau, executed, imprisoned etc) , Christians mustn’t have any say on the matter whatsoever.


There is the March for Marriage. It didn’t have a high turnout this year, I’m not sure what happened, but the previous year had “thousands” turn out:




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