Thousands say #IWillProtectYou to Muslim girl afraid of deportation


Very Inspirational news IMO.

*DALLAS – Melissa Yassini and her 8-year-old daughter, Sofia, spend some time every evening reading messages from the thousands of people who have told Sofia not to be afraid just because she’s Muslim.

Sofia’s story of terror that she would be forced to leave America inspired a social media campaign with a hashtag, “#IWillProtectYou,” that has generated posts from soldiers, veterans and others supporting her.

#iwillprotectyou … My son and I both.

— Bajun Mavalwalla (@BajunMavalwalla) December 23, 2015
“A lot of them, they call her out by name,” Melissa Yassini said on Wednesday. “That’s very important to her.”

Melissa Yassini originally shared her daughter’s response to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump calling for a ban all Muslim immigration into the United States.*

Imagine your back in high school and some kid comes up to you and insults you just because you are a Catholic. They say Evil prevails when good men do nothing. When a young Jewish or Muslim kid is bullied and nobody stands up to the bullying…that means that evil has prevailed. While some folks take no issue with bullying another person due to that persons religion, Ill say that my parents and the Catholic Church brought me up to treat non Catholics with respect.


Banning future immigration until the vetting process is worked out is NOT deportation. Fear mongering by a liberal press is a greater threat to this family than them gett ing the proverbial knock on the door in the middle of the night.

If the press quit sensationalizing and stuck to exactly what is being suggested, we might be able to get somewhere.

I have no problem with open legal immigration, just please make sure that those arriving are who they claim to be. Thank you very much.


Yes.From the article:

Sofia heard about Trump’s proposal while the family was watching the evening news. While Trump has said he isn’t targeting American Muslims, her mother said Sofia didn’t make that distinction

So the press is making a story out of Trump’s proposal being misunderstood. :confused:


Who cares what an 8 year old thinks about Presidential politics?


It is a rather silly standard to use in deciding on policy, isn’t it? typical 8 year old behavior is being afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night too.


Ratings…kids get, scared adults, no so much.


You just confirmed he didn’t say what she thought, so it would seem the media where spinning it for ratings. I expect the talking heads had a field day extrapolating and misrepresenting the actual content.


It’s just a media marketing ploy. Make the face of Islam that of a harmless little girl instead of the hate filled face of an adult Jihadist.


I for one view Mr Trumps proposal to temp ban Muslims as falling under the category of bullying. Had Mr Trump called for a temp ban on Jews entering the USA…I would have the same approach.

What really influences me here is not only the strength of the little Muslim girl …but also the strength of the US armed forces members who are taking a stand against Trumps proposal. When I think of nobility and chivalry, I think of not only the honorable Crusaders of the middle ages, but also the men and women of the US armed forces,


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