Thr Easter Vigil in the Latin Rite

This Holy Saturday was the first time that I have attended The Easter Vigil in the Latin Rite. Fortunately I have been to Sunday Masses at this church before. I think that is a very important factor.
It was marvelous to see Father with the Easter Fire and the Paschal Candle.
I liked when The Litany of Saints was sung in Latin.
This was a High Mass. The choir sang the Lauds of Easter and the Canticle of Zachary.
The statues were uncovered.

The last few years I have gone to the Melkite Liturgy for Pascha. It is quite beautiful. Don’t you just the the universality of our universal Church?

I think it’s our most gorgeous liturgy. I just love it. :slight_smile:

The Catholic who brought me to this Easter Vigil had been an altar server for previous Latin Easter Vigils.
For this particular Vigil, he pointed out that the candle tapers which the congregation held WERE NEVER LIGHTED.
I recognized that two servers were beginning to use the candles for the Easter Gospel. However the boys were instructed to return the candles.
I recognized that the altar boys recited the Second Confiteor.

I have been to several Triduum’s over the years but this year it was our first in our own EF parish. I was totally blown away with beauty.

Can you explain the significance of the bolded phrases? Is this something peculiar to the Easter Vigil?

Judging from the OP’s second post in this thread, I’m guessing he attended an EF Easter Vigil for the first time on Holy Saturday. I understand the Latin Rite to consist of both the EF and OF, so specifying “in the Latin Rite” could mean either form.

I also attended the Easter Vigil in the EF for the first time on Holy Saturday this year (thank you for existing, ICRSS). The entire liturgy was in Latin—lessons, canticles, epistle and Gospel included; all was sung except for the “Blessing of the Baptismal Water” (forgive me, I’m translating all this from French). Unlike every OF Easter Vigil I’ve ever attended, there were no candles of any type for the congregation to hold. The Last Gospel was not read, but according to my Missal this is normal for the EF Easter Vigil.

The Husband is a non-practicing Reform Protestant. He enjoys EF Mass but had more than a few misgivings about attending one that was so long (2½ hours). In fact, he almost walked out after the first 20 minutes because he kept getting lost in the missal. I told him that happens to me now and then, and when it does I just let the sung Latin penetrate my soul as I read the vernacular equivalent in the Missal. I know I will find my place again at some point, so why fight it? He gave that a go, was more relaxed thereafter, stayed until the end of the Mass and left the church completely happy. :thumbsup:

Though I have no intentions of leaving my OF parish any time soon, I think I will make annual EF Easter Vigil attendance part of my Triduum routine. Though the OF Vigil in my own parish is beautifully celebrated, it is all but impossible for me to attend any liturgy there without ending up serving it in some way, shape or form. Each year I’m buried in parish service from the Friday before Palm Sunday through Easter Monday. It’s a blessing, don’t get me wrong, but it also takes a lot out of me. The peace of the Vigil in the EF would provide a much-needed break.

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