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I started this thread in Sacred Scripture because it rightly should have been there…at the start, that is. Now though, the subject
has developed beyond and refers to news coming out of Shiloh, West Bank.

There is a “peace” process going on between the PA and Israel. They are trying to agree before January and the change of the US presidency. One of the deals would be that the settlers in Shiloh…the place where the tabernacle rested…would be either required to move out or, if not move, then risk abandonment of protection from the Israeli government.

I personally feel that a big something is not being talked about. That something are the greedy individuals who are hanging in the shadows, working the angles only for themselves.

The Shiloh residents purchased the little plots where their houses and businesses are located.
Someone must have sold those to them. If the PA has
a problem maybe they should look at the “real estate
agents” and “building permitters” who are somewhere in the shadows.

It’s just like in this country. Americans say they
don’t much care for Chinese this or that, yet they applaud
fellow Americans who drive after Chinese money. For instance,
Dolly Lenz. This real estate agent in New York City has
made commissions, over 7 billion lifetime US dollars, selling New York property to Chinese moguls. She just appeared in a national magazine as someone all US women should aspire to.

This is our land that we are talking about. This is American soil!
This is our country being USED to gain personal wealth without one care for any fellow citizen. And we should admire these kinds, like this low-life Dolly Lenz?!?!?

Then there is Bain Capital, leverage buyout joint, out of Boston.
Mitt Romney, Mormon puritan, is the big tycoon of that business.
Bain went over to China looking to hire a China Division Manager
to assist Bain with the language and culture. Bain is out to earn
commissions from China as it purchases up American factories. American jobs, and yes, our soil. Hey, some Americans voted for Mitt in the presidential primaries. The fools.

And this morning Mitt was on NBC Today with Matt Lauer
who just really, really admires good old Mitt and worships every
word that comes from his mouth. Mitt was explaining how HE would deal with the auto industry. His big idea was to have the auto makers fully divest themselves of all their excess holdings. Of course! Bain probably would be right there ASAP wanting to act as their “real estate” agent, backed by all of that flowing Chinese money. Who else currently has the money to purchase divested holdings?

Then look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo. China moved in there making deals and contracts to strip that poor country of their natural resources in exchange for erecting a few buildings and helping a bit with their infrastructure. The selling point: “We, China, are bloated with cash and we promise, promise that there will be absolutely no strings attached, unlike
the people of the West who will come in and try to rule and occupy.”
“Sure,” the dictatorial leaders say. “Great deal…for us personally. We don’t care about the land and our sovereign soil, just as long as we can stay in our greedy power and live high on the hog.”

What is surrounding these shadowy souls? What will surround these shadowy souls?
The settlers of Shiloh are kind of stupid to get drawn in. The PA is stupid to sit by and watch permits being issued. Americans are stupid to allow Dolly’s to operate as they do and listen to the likes of Romney. The majority of people in the Dem of Congo can do more than huddle in some refugee camp.

It is time to set values straight. It is time to weed out the shadowy, greedy troublemakers and tell them they can’t infect decent society like that.

where is the link to news article as required by forum rules?

It is and was on NBC Today show on television. It was this morning Nov 20th around 7:30 am Central time.
This might be something to connect to, though, on the web:

Hulu - NBC TODAY Show: Better Off Bankrupt?
Nov 20, 2008 … NBC TODAY Show. Excerpt |04:01 |. Nov. 20: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney about why he rejects Big … - 2 hours ago

Here may be something about Shiloh

ABC News: Worried West Bank Settlers Try Wine and a Bus Tour
Jewish settlers, fearing eviction from West Bank, offer fine wine, biblical views … SHILOH, West Bank November 17, 2008 (AP). The Associated Press … - 13 hours ago -

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