Thread devoted to those who came to religion later in life!


I am a religious late bloomer. Sometimes I get the attitude from some on this site that my liberal mindedness from many years of none-belief landed me in hell and nothing can be done, when I must remind all of what Christ said regarding those who teach children not to believe in him. Obviously he sees those children as having been corrupted against there will by adults they trusted. It is so difficult for me to relate to people that have always been religious though have struggled with faith. I sometimes wonder if Christ usage of the word faith differs far how Christians use it. Though if it wasn’t for the many martyrs who died at the hand of Nero to spread the word, we wouldn’t be here, therefore I do not wish to speak ill about the faith they had.


Hey Clovis

sorta late bloomer here, and it is hard to relate sometimes, you are not wrong. It matters nothing what I or anyone thinks of you, you just concern yourself about what Jesus thinks of you, all you want to hear is well done my faithful servant, right? :slight_smile:

But if anyone is critical of your late blooming just remember you were the lost sheep Christ left the herd to find :smiley:


Thank you Kitty!
P.S. I think Christ believes I am in a learning process.



The workers who came late in the day got paid the “SAME” as the workers who arrived early in the day. It does not matter when you find your Faith in God but that you find it. I turned my back on God’s Church for 27 years but I finally came home. It is never too late. God did not put a time limit upon us, just a Faith limit by which we will be judged. Our woks or our desire to perform them will justify us before God. A person on their death bed that finds God has a desire wich is every bit as good as a work to prove their Faith!

God only cares that you find Him through freewill, not “when” you find Him.:wink:

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