Thread for founders


I know you’re out there–lets hear from you .



Pax Christi.

Pardon me, but: founders of what?

God bless.


emerging religious communies

like kathleen and tiggerS and myself


  1. Write it down & see if you can retain a spiritual director. If you can’t, don’t flog yourself.

  2. One person can be a private lay association “without intention” meaning you don’t intend to become a religious institute. You will need to develop statutes.

  3. Distinctive garb can be retained if it doesn’t resemble a religious habit.

  4. Psychological testing would be a plus.

  5. Plan to start with your lay branch–the private association without intention. Work with them in whatever you’re doing. Do the work and the statutes will write themselves.

  6. When there are persons interested in the private association “with intention” (your new order), then your lay association-within-a-lay-association begins to grow.

You and your adherents can be both “with intention” and “without intention” at the same time. When the community is officially formed (recognized by the bishop as a Private Association with a letter from him), you may chose not to continue as members of the association without intention (your lay associates).

If a spiritual director is not available, the LOTH and the spiritual classics will suffice. The Dominicans are very hands-off with spiritual direction, and the directee only checks in if there is a problem.



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