Thread on Reddit -- Abuse of Consecrated host --- satanist

Was just reading an ex catholic thread on Reddit when I saw this from a satanist:

I’m so saddened by the state of our Church and I sincerely hope the Catholic Bishops start to take this sort of thing seriously.


What an incredible risk the Lord takes in being our Eucharistic food. It’s very easy to desecrate him. It’s also very easy to be united to him.



We can only do so much to protect the Eucharist from desecration. However, no desecration can ever harm God Almighty. It is the souls of the desecrators we need to fear for.

If these people would take advantage of God’s generosity and the generosity of the Church, then let them call God’s judgment upon themselves if they would dare desecrate him.

Further, I see no reason our Bishops should take any action based on the insults of a satanist. When God opens himself to us, he risks desecration. But the alternative would be for him to close himself off, and I think for God and the Church, that is out of the question. These people have no right to make commentary on our Church, our practices or what our Bishops should do.

And just to put it out there, communion in the tongue is not a safeguard against desecration. Desecration has taken place well before communion in the hand was allowed.


In the particular thread in question they were talking about how they would only really steal the Eucharist to “troll” Catholics. Obviously they don’t believe the Lord is truly present in the Eucharist so they basically do it to hurt us. Sometimes I wish everyone entering catholic churches were made to say the creed or something in order to gain admittance.


This is so true. Christ’s love is so immense.

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Why are you even reading such threads? You won’t learn anything new about human beings and it is just a fast way to get depressed.


No doubt this happens from time to time. But I imagine it is very, very rare. Nothing will increase the incidence of anti-Catholic offensive behaviour like this more than people reacting online in emotional ways or invoking fear of satanists or anything else found in popular fiction media. My advice as a non-believer who respects religious freedom: act to prevent it through security; if you fail make discreet attempts to regain why is lost; if you fail, say nothing and work actively to keep it out of the media, including social media. Catholic beliefs in this area seem absurd to others who often have a hard time accepting that the belief is real. If you must engage, do so in a way which attempts to explain that your belief is real as well as attempting to explain the belief itself.

I was trying to understand the opponent’s argument I suppose. But, honestly there was no solid argument beside “Catholics are mentally ill” which is an ad hominem fallacy. Basically, I only learned that ex-Catholics are incredibly bitter.

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Just like ex-anything.


There was some guy on YouTube who announced he was going to desecrate a host. As my son pointed out: “great. He’s proven he can beat up a piece of bread.”

The fool says in his heart there is no God.


I find that ignoring DReddit, Instagossip, Get outta my face book et al to be very refreshing. Too much bad information. Too much (mis)information. God will never over-load us, but grants us the free will which allows us to completely distress ourselves.

I pulled the plug. Once the sewer is drained, life becomes much more bearable.


Jesus already knows he will be misused by people. This happens exceedingly more often by church-going Catholics than by Satanists, so there’s need to point out the Satanists.

Please don’t call us fools.

This is not directed at you personally. I believe you are an agnostic, which is much different from an atheist.
however, it’s a quote from the Bible.
It is impossible to prove the absence or non-existence of something. I can say there are no spiders in my house, but I can’t prove it. I’m agnostic about it. (Actually, I know there are, so that’s a bad analogy.)

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I’m glad you let the spiders live. I understand the point you are making about agnosticism and atheism. But I am agnostic not in the sense I am about domestic arachnids because the proposition ‘there are no spiders in the house’ is falsifiable. I can find one. The proposition ‘there are no gods’ is not falsifiable. At least, there is nothing humans can do to falsify it to the same standard you would in relation to spiders.

You are an agnostic in the same sense I am in relation to thousands of gods in which others believe or have believed: Odin, Thor, Zeus, Krishna. You cannot prove they don’t exist. But I bet you don’t say ‘it’s entirely possible’. In fact, whatever you philosophic view, you are an atheist in relation to these gods. I’m the same, only in relation to one more god than you. The same applies to fairies, ghosts and banshees. Can’t prove it, but no, I don’t think they exist.

On the fools question: be in no doubt that those who have not concluded there are gods would think themselves being labelled fools by the use of that quotation. Your philosophic justification that the words ‘there is no’ are open to the interpretation ‘I can prove there is no’ would not immediately occur to us.

Awful, but if we see anyone, and I mean anyone taking the Lord and walking away with him in their hands we should do something about that. BE AWARE!

I wonder if you can change your titile – just wondering so the evil one’s name is not so blatant on a Catholic Forum. Let’s not give the evil one an enjoyable moment to see his name in a Catholic Forum. We don’t need anything - from — him. @Mary67

I think the verse comes from the psalms

“The fool has said in his heart, there is no God”

The psalms have a lot to say about the wise and the foolish and we would do well to listen and learn from them. They are as true today as they have always been

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Yes, I’m an atheist in relation to the gods of ancient Greece, etc. I do believe ghosts exist, however.
What do you do about miracles like the image at Las Lajas? You could go there and see it. It seems to me that many atheists are just closing their eyes to proof of God’s existence.

Time to bring back the doorkeepers, methinks.

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