Thread on Rev. Richard Vosko

I closed the thread on Fr. Richard Vosko. I’d like to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the thread. I hope this can help for future threads along similar lines.

** strengths **

[list]*]Many of the photographs were excellent and supported the poster’s point.

*]There were comments that explained people’s feelings on the architecture and the matter at hand very clearly.

]Some posters gave some good suggestions to those who asked questions.[/LIST]
** weakness

[list]*]Never name a thread after an individual unless you’re going to speak well about him or her. Otherwise, find a title about the work.

*]Naming a thread after an individual opens up the possibility for personality attacks and judgments made about the individual instead of his work. We’ve had this happen before and it becomes unmanageable.

*]Whether you like or dislike someone’s work, he is a priest. It is inappropriate to make statements such as **“I refuse to call him a priest,” “I hope he repents before he dies.” (I hope that we all repent before we died.) **or “the devil’s architect”. It is not up to the faithful to decide who deserves the title “Father, Deacon, Brother, Sister, Priest, Bishop, etc.” That is his canonical title. It is part of the Church’s tradition to refer to men and women by their canonical title and disrespectful not to do. Otherwise, we’re doing the same thing of which we accuse others. We’re making the rules as we go along. [/LIST]
If you wish to discuss religious architecture, it can be a very interesting subject and enriching, as Church art and architecture are certainly an important part of our Catholic culture. However, the discussion must focus on the subject, not on individual’s moral character.

Please read the sticky that I posted on discussing clergy and religious and follow those rules. They apply to every member of the clergy and to every religious, that includes the SSPX too, just in case anyone is wondering. Use their canonical titles and avoid ad hominem labels and statements. Unless someone in authority in the Church says that the person has forfeited their rights, we always speak to and about them with respect.

Thank You
Thomas Casey

So this was the thread.

How old was it? No wonder I have no recollection of even posting what I was supposed to have posted.

Ah! That was a very old thread, it got a little out of hand. I started it just wondering what people thought. I never expected them to say stuff like that.

I disagree. I think people need to be exposed for what they are, but guess I’ll have to express those views on another forum. Thanks for the explanation.

I agree that his work is not very helpful to the church, but I understand whats going on here, people were saying he doesn’t deserve to be a priest and thats a little out of our hands to say isn’t it.

Or how about in a respectful way?

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