Thread titles for those with a twisted sense of humor #?

Had to bring this back.

Why is Religious Freedom So Hard? It’s Not.

And with that the question in the title was answered, and the thread faded into oblivion.

Ah, it has been too long. I don’t remember how many threads into it we were!

Cry Room Reform?

If we’re not careful we may need to call Vatican III to get this done!

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Natural Law Philosophy Debunked? Earmuffs

When you wanna talk philosophy, but also your favorite piece of headgear.

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Earlier today a thread began with the title “Deacon Stole Hanger question.” A few of us thought the deacon stole a hanger. The OP then changed the title to “Hanger for Deacon Stole question.” Ah, that’s better! :slightly_smiling_face:

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How to politely ask people to stop being disruptive in Mass

Oh boy… :popcorn:

Should Catholics return Kosher?

Think of a world without any flowers

You can’t make me!

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