Thread Titles

Hey guys, can we start using a little imagination with the thread titles?
Everytime I get the Hot Topics ready I see several threads called “a question for _______”, and I have to retitle it so it sounds interesting.
No biggie, just need your assistance so getting HTs ready doesn’t take twenty minutes.

Oh boy, be careful what you wish for! :smiley:

Three cheers for specific, straightforward titles. Not only do they help moderators, they help users in general–whether the users are browsing the forums or doing a search.

“Presbylutherans, what type of communion bread does your church use?” and “Presbylutherans, how do you interpret Mark 17?” are easier to distinguish than “A question for Presbylutherans” and, well, “A question for Presbylutherans.” :confused:

Get specific today! :smiley:

“Please pray for…” can be a toughie.
Which is why I try to start with the person’s name.
Otherwise, I forget where I am and continue praying for someone who has had prayers answered. Not that that’s a problem per se, of course!!!

I know I shall do my best. Bear with me, as I am not creative.
At all.

Thank you, Mr Hilbert!

At the risk of being demoted from Veteran Member status… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the Hot Topics list and why do I never see it??


Cause you never open your email?

How to Fight off (fill in your denomination here) Zombies when they knock on your Door?

It’s an e-mail newsletter, which seems to be coming out monthly.

For example, from earlier this month,

ASK AN APOLOGIST - Expert answers to your questions

•Do we need confession before anointing?
•Why wasn’t John the Baptist killed by Herod?
•What makes a Christian a Catholic?
•What is the origin of the Fatima Prayer?
•What happened to those raised from the dead?

In the real thing, every line has a link in it.

I got it automatically when I registered, and I never unsubscribed. Someone else will be better in telling us how existing members who want to receive this newsletter but aren’t receiving it can resolve their problem.

Oh yeah, I used to get that. Either I must have unsubscribed or they have been getting filed as sp@m (which folder I rarely check). The last one I received was 18-Nov-2010.



You’re a Simpsons fan, aren’t you?



Pope Francis wins Vatican City’s first Gold Medal at Sochi



that just made my day! :smiley:

I heard he has a chance at silver in pope-sledding. :smiley:


Or, where can you find an online version of the Catechism of the Romulan Catholic Church. :smiley: Jon © Benodette

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