Threatening Letter Sent to 60,000 Churches: We’re Watching You This Election (And How We Can Respond)

The article:

This is nothing more than an attempt to silence Churches, in particular the Catholic Church since so many of the Bishops are coming out with strong statements recently against Obama.

No one seemed to have a problem with speaking about politics in Church when it was in support of Obama…

And to anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these issues, you tell them there is no place better – no place better," she said. “Because ultimately, these are not just political issues – they are moral issues.” - Michelle Obama Address to the African Methodist Episcopal Church

…or in support of the Democratic party political goals:

“The cardinals, the archbishops, the bishops that come to me and say, ‘We want you to pass immigration reform,’” disclosed Pelosi. “And I say, ‘But I want you to speak about it from the pulpit.’

“I want you to instruct your, whatever the communication is – the people, some of them, oppose immigration reform are sitting in those pews and you have to tell them that this is a ‘manifestation of our living the gospels,’” said Pelosi.

But that doesn’t seem to hold up for Bishops who speak against the liberal agenda as we are seeing in this election.

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