'Threats of Rape and Strangling' Force D.C. McAllister Into Hiding After Anti-Abortion Tweet


It’s hard to take blatant misogyny any other way.


A woman criticizing other women is misogyny now?


Statements like “‘At the root of [abortion] hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament" certainly qualify.


It’s true: abortion has become a sacrament. And a lot of women tantrums in response to people they perceive as putting limits on their screwing. You’d have to have your head in the sand to not see that.


which is “worse” “name calling” or written threats of “rape & strangling” ?

get real, shipmate…


What’s a sacrament, redbetta? I think your definition might be a little different from mine.


there are three sacraments in the unholy secular church

intolerance for any difference of opinion, man-made global warming & abortion "on demand; up to & beyond the moment of birth

oh yes, there are two unholy days of obligation

“trump is bad” tuesday and

“obama is good” sunday


The latter is inexcusable. However, if you’re trying to inspire people to not kill their unborn children, the former is certainly not going to be of assistance in achieving that goal.


The most general definition of a sacrament I found is “something of mysterious or sacred significance.” Synonyms for sacred include sacrosanct and inviolable. By these definitions, abortion is a secular sacrament. There is nothing the selfish twats I’m talking about consider more sacred is their bodily autonomy, even at the expense of their own children.


Once again, I think we’re probably operating under differing definitions. I always understood a sacrament to be an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.


How is abortion mysterious?


i’ll “allow” women to express their own opinions

threats of physical violence ? these people should and can be arrested

that is "assault’

but, of course it will never happen…


Statements like that ain’t saving any babies.


I have no idea what your talking about. Politics isn’t something that I’m well versed on, except for the moral issues that concern the Church and I don’t get into the rest.


I wrote “mysterious OR sacred.” But, I guess you can also argue it’s mysterious to those who still insist it’s a clump of cells and not unlike getting a wart removed.


Even if she wasn’t polite it wouldn’t matter. This is the United Stated, a country that has the freedom of speech. That means we aren’t allowed to threaten someone’s life if we happen to disagree with them.


And neither are statements like:

Abortion is a woman’s choice.
The fetus is merely a clump of cells.
Abortion is maternal health care and should be funded by taxpayers.
Abortion is permissible by law.


I’m not trying to convince a pro choice person on here, now am I? I’m just stating the fact that some people are so selfish they put bodily autonomy above all else.


Don’t think I ever said they were.


Yeap, they truly are being influenced by the devil

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