'Threats of Rape and Strangling' Force D.C. McAllister Into Hiding After Anti-Abortion Tweet


There are more than a few pro-choice posters on this forum, actually.


I never heard of this lady, but I can’t understand why anyone with children would be on Twitter popping off with controversial remarks.
For that matter, I can’t understand why anyone without children would be on there either.
Except to get attention of course.


I’m not talking to one.


How do you know they can’t see what you’re writing?


Context is key.


I’m not attempting to save a baby at this moment or even convince a pro choice person. I’m just stating the truth that some people are so damn selfish they place bodily autonomy above all else.




Weird, I clicked submit on this comment 10 minutes ago at least and I thought it didn’t go through.


this thread has probably been closed


I wonder if there is a secret message.


Absolutely. No opinion deserves such a disgraceful response.


Or desperate. Or poor. Or scared. Or under pressure. Or suffering from compromised health.

Being a selfish “slang term for female genitals” doesn’t account for all cases.


I’m sorry, but in my country, the abortion statistics show that the big majority of women abort between 25-35 and are employed, many in stable relation ships. They can’t be all in abusive relation ships, and we have a good public care system, do, no risk of heavy poverty. It’s a matter of fear of missing comfort and being educated in the idea that abortion is nothing more than a small dental operation that I see as reason for most.


It’s different in the US. Finances are consistently listed as the number one reason for obtaining abortions.


That’s interesting. Here is mostly a relic of the soviet era mixed with third wave agenda stuff. A whole different thing.
Oh, and not to forget the German 1968’ movement. Abortion was a big thing on the agenda of commune 1.


The fact that name-calling doesn’t generally inspire conversion IS real. And nobody said it was worse than threats – maybe you should try actually reading posts before responding to them.


Then pro-life people, such as yourself, must be absolutely thrilled that President Trump has greatly improved the economy, lowered unemployment to record levels, tightened border security so the labour market is not flooded with low wage workers taking jobs away from American citizens, and demanding free trade agreements that don’t siphon off millions of jobs to China, Mexico and India, thereby assuredly lowering the rates of abortion. A great pro-life president he is, according to your own premise.

You must be absolutely celebrating the Trump Presidency, pro-lifer that you are. :nerd_face:


It occurs to me, however, that anyone who agrees to such a drastic and morally conflicted decision would want to justify their morally questionable choice by giving the reason which is least objectionable, most understandable, and most likely not to draw a great deal of backlash, and NOT their real reason, if that would be deemed morally illicit by others.

Since the choice to abort is still considered by many Americans to be the killing of a human being, wouldn’t that mean that any woman making that choice purely because she doesn’t want to keep the baby or some other more self-interested reason, would make her rationale as strong as possible so as to not have her moral integrity questioned?

Self-reporting on reasons when a person has great vested interest in maintaining a self-image and self-respect is notoriously fraught with problems.

The first response of someone committing what is widely considered a bad or, at least, questionable action, in many instances, is to find a good excuse or rationale that saves face or respectability. How can it be known with any degree of certainty, what the real reasons a woman chooses to have an abortion actually are, especially in a culture or society where the act is not well accepted?


Yeah…I’m sure the 800 coal jobs Trump added did a lot for reducing abortions in coal-mining communities…

Also, the idea of immigrants taking away jobs from American workers doesn’t have much basis in fact. Even if it did, I don’t see how the wall Trump hasn’t built would make a dent in it.


How is finances the most sympathetic reason? Wouldn’t that be rape? Or abuse? Or pressure from others?

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