Three Bible Passages that Talk About Purgatory (Apologetics video)

My latest apologetics video is called Three Bible Passages that Talk About Purgatory. Here is the link, I hope you like it.

Three Bible Passages that Talk About Purgatory


Nice work dmar198. Great video.

A LOT of great doctrine in a brief segment.

God bless.


Thank you for Shareing

Thanks Dan,

I linked to your great video here

Your video packs more punch than a hurricane. Lol
We are waiting in Florida on Danny.

Your video is perfect for three occasions other than Purgatory.

In a Bible Alone discussion we can ask the Protestant to examine your video.
When he tries to explain away the obvious, we can respond,
“Oh, so the authority for revelation is the Bible and (Protestant’s name) so you can explain how the Bible doesn’t really mean what the Bible says, Right?”

Also, great for Justification by Faith Alone.
“So, (Protestant’s name) Works really do or don’t matter on judgement Day?”

Also great for the mediocre Catholics (sorry for the self-Contradiction since a true Catholic embraces the whole faith, but you know who i mean). We can ask,
“Do you accept what the Bible teaches about Purgatory?”
Maybe spending a lot of time and or money doing idle things instead of Praising God, learning our Faith, and sharing it with others is not a good thing !

Wow, thanks JohnR77! I’m glad you liked it so much.

:thumbsup: like!

I can’t wait to see the video when I get home from work. Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

You’re welcome!


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God bless, and please let me know what you think.

At the bottom of my post I have a link to a book that I made about apologetics. Check it out, use it as a source

All of your videos are excellent.

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