Three cheers for Fr. Vincent Serpa!


I just have to say that Fr. Vincent Serpa is the best and didn’t know where else to say it. I am a Protestant who is studying my way to the Catholic Church. I am thinking that RCIA starts for me this fall when our Parish starts the program. I consider Father’s advice to some questions I have had and to others very helpful in my journey. My study is drawing my mind more closely to the Catholic Church. But Father’s compassion, zeal, faithfulness and just a touch of dry humor is drawing my heart. I just wonder if I am cheating in being devoted to Our Lady and the great gift of the Rosary in that I am not Catholic…YET!

We love you Fr. Serpa! When I pray the Rosary tonight with my boys you will be in my thoughts.

God Bless!



I think he’s pretty darn cool too, so you are not alone there! :thumbsup:

God speed to you in your discernment of the Faith! May the Holy Spirit guide you in the way you should go.



I couldn’t agree with you more Tim


Tim, I don’t think the Catholic Church has a monopoly on Marian Devotion and the Rosary. They may have the lion’s share, but not the “mineral rights”, as we say in Texas.

BTW, who is Fr. Vincent Serpa???


Surely you jest. How can you not know Fr. Serpa? Fr. Serpa is the Dominican priest who serves as the chaplain and one of the staff apologists at Catholic Answers. He often answers questions here on the Ask An Apologist Forum. Once a week, on Wednesdays, he is usually the featured guest in the second hour of the 2-hour Catholic Answers Live radio program; when he is on, they call that segment, “The Chaplain Is In.”


That’s something I did not know. Wow! It’s 7:00am, and I’ve already learned something! My day is complete!:slight_smile:


Yeah, like Todd said. Check out some of Fr. Serpa’s answers on the Ask an Apologist section. They are great and to the point.



Three cheers for Fr Serpa.

BTW, I’m probably in the same boat as you right now, studying, entering RCIA in the fall, so feel free to PM me if you would like support from someone in the same place as you


Your already Catholic. It appears you were never really a protesting “protestant”.


I must say, Father Serpa has really helped out alot of people. so, Iam going to include him in our prayers as well. I have started a thread in the prayer intentions where you can pray for the staff at CA and CAF. go there to add your prayers!


Au contraire, kaycee. I was one of the loudest Protesters you ever saw. I had the full wrap going.

  • You Catholics worship Mary and dead people!
  • Where does it say it that it “is” the body and blood? Can we talk about your defintion of “is” is?
  • You Catholics try to work your way to heaven and if you can’t you can pay to get out of hell?
  • The Catholic church is constantly changing to suit their own needs!
  • I don’t have to sprinkle water on my kid’s head!

I had it all going.



^Ha, Tim, so did I. Thankfully I found out how nice the waters of the Tiber were and jumped in. :slight_smile:

And ITA, Father Serpa ROCKS! :thumbsup:


As a fellow Tiber swimmer, Tim, all I can say is “come on in—the water’s fine!”


This cracked me up NotWorthy!!! You realize that you have 4450 posts and you didn’t know Fr Serpa was the priest in the Ask an Apologist section??? That was too funny!


Fr. Serpa rocks! :thumbsup:


What praytell, changed your mind. :shrug:



Probablyt the biggest factor in the change in my mind is that I am married to a cradle Catholic and we are raising 4 Catholic boys. As part of this I have attended Mass pretty much weekly for more than a decade now. That was enough to dispell 90%of the downright false assertions going on out there. Over the the last several months I have personally studied the rest of the points that were left out there and am persuaded that the Catholic church is correct on these issues. This site and watching and listening to EWTN played no small part in this.



Kinda sounds like practical reasons as opposed to serious theological reasons played the major role in your decision.

I have examined the catholic apologetics from the “heavies” and find it lacking. That is why I left the RCC church after 27 years.


Fr. Serpa is the BOMB!!!


I love Fr Serpa’s answers. And I’m Orthodox. :slight_smile:

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