Three Days of Darkness?



Does traditional Catholicism have a belief in the End Time “Three Days of Darkness”?
Growing up, my Catholic-born mother loved to rant and rave about how there would be three days of darkness before Christ’s return, when one wasn’t suppose to look out the window and only blessed candles could be lit, and how anyone caught outside would be killed by roaming demons. :ehh:





Yes, I think there will be the 3 days of darkness. It has been prophesied by many saints.


Growing up my grandmother used to scare me with this. She always told me that she prayed that it would happen in her life time. She used to tell me about the wailing and the gnashing of teeth of the people outside. And that only blessed candles would be able to be lite during the 3 days. It was nightmare time when I stayed with her. I miss her.


Try this website. Or google three days of darkness. There are
2,950,000 hits.


That’s kind of scary…

Has the Church confirmed this?



It’s in the area of “private revelation”. The Church has cannonized the person who is most associated with this propehcy (I think- isn’t Catherine Emmerich a saint now?), it doesn’t mean that the Faithful are bound to believe the prophecy revealed to her.

Remember, many times things take place on a spiritual level that don’t manifest themselves in the exact same manner on a physical level.



If this is true (if it will happen) I’d think the Church would tell all her faithful. I mean if it is true and you go out side your devoured by demons.



The Church will not speak of things that are not verifiable. The three days of darkness has not been revealed to the Church, it has come through private revelations. The Church would be quite irresponsible to create a panic over such prophecies, especially since no-one can say if they are true or not, and if they are true no-one can say when or how. Rather, the Church’s mission in this area is to teach that everyone is to be ready all the time.


Padre Pio himself prophesied this!


See Anne Catherine Emmerich


24 April 2001 by Pope John Paul II Beatified3 October 2004 by Pope John Paul II; decree of beatification miracle promulgated on 7 July 2003 Canonized**pending; if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Anne, contact:

Emmerick-Bund e. V.

An der Kreuzkirche 10
48249 Dülmen, GERMANY *


Do you have a quote from Padre Pio?


From translation of a copy of a personal letter written by Padre Pio addressed to the Commission of Heroldsbach appointed by the Vatican that testifies to the truth and reality of these revelations given by Our Lord to Padre Pio, a Capuchin priest who bore the stigmata.

JANUARY 28, 1950
Keep your windows well covered. Do not look out. Light a blessed candle, which will suffice for many days. Pray the rosary. Read spiritual books. Make acts of Spiritual Communion, also acts of love, which are so pleasing to Us. Pray with outstretched arms, or prostrate on the ground, in order that many souls may be saved. Do not go outside the house. Provide yourself with sufficient food. The powers of nature shall be moved and a rain of fire shall make people tremble with fear. Have courage! I am in the midst of you.


I’m not saying that this prophecy is false. I’m not saying that it’s true, either. What I am saying is that the Church maintains that the faithful are not obligated to believe in private revelations. Take, for example, Fatima. Is it a good idea to say the Rosary daily as our Lady requested during those apparitions? Probably. Does the Church say the faithful are obligated to? Nope.

This is from
*The concept of three darkened days hearkens back to the Book of Exodus, wherein Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky “and there was thick darkness in all the land of Egypt for three days,” according to Scripture (Exodus 10:22). Others point to Mark 13:24 and the prophecy that “in those days, after the tribulation, the sun shall darken and the moon shall not give her light.”

This concept of chastisement through darkness returned in a big way during the last part of the 18th century – around the time of the French Revolution – and then through the 19th century, when a flurry of mystics, including luminaries such as Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, foresaw a time of extraordinary blackness. Although they started out as relatively mild (at LaSalette, an unapproved part of a prophecy called for three days of “convulsions”), such predictions gained momentum through the decades as mystics added their own, often sensational details. It would be a worldwide chastisement, claimed Marie Julie Jahenny of Coyault, France. Day would be as night, they warned. Night would be like a coal mine. The darkness would be almost palpable. Claimed Jahenny, who was born in 1850 (according to one website):

The three days of darkness “will be on a Thursdays, Friday, and Saturday. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady. . . .” three days less one night."
“The earth will be covered in darkness,” she quoted the Virgin Mary as saying on 20th of September 1882, and hell will be loosed on earth. “Thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in My Power, to die of fear.”
"During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible color it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once… "* [Edited by Moderator]
To read the rest, go to:


Concerning what Jesus said to Faustina about the sign of the cross lighting up the darkness, Matthew chapter 24 says that before we see Jesus return we will see the “sign of the Son of Man” in the sky.


**Saint Padre Pio, 1950, the Capuchin Stigmatist (Italy):

    • ****‘On that day, as soon as complete darkness has set in, no one shall leave the house or look out of the window. The darkness shall last a day and a night, followed by another day and a night, and another day - but on the night following, the starts will shine again, and on the next morning the sun shall rise again, and it will be springtime!’
- 'My beloved, have confidence. I am in the midst of you. My kingdom shall be glorified and My Name shall be blessed from the rising of the sun unto the setting thereof; and to My Kingdom there shall be no end... 'Those who hope in Me, and believe in my words, have nothing to fear because I will not forsake them, nor those who are in the state of grace and who seek My mother's protection. 
- 'In the days of darkness, My elect shall not sleep, as did the disciples in the Garden of Olives. They shall pray incessantly, and they shall not be disappointed in Me. I shall gather My elect. Hell will believe itself to be in possession of the entire earth, but I shall reclaim it.*




I managed to salvage 2 of my blessed candles from Katrina - have them ready. I’m not sure my children are ready to read/believe this yet so I hope I have more time to get them ready. I need to get more candles.


From what i have learned of this,the Blessed candles must be at least 51% bee’s wax. The matches (NO lighter) must also be blessed.

The Catholic book store that i work in has started to carry many candles of various sizes,ALL at least 51 % bee’s wax, plus a print out on the “Three Days of Darkness” to explain it all.

I have hundreds of candles, literally, but not because of the “Three Days of Darkness”, but because we loose electricity with every storm, but I did make sure they were bee’s wax candles. :whistle: Just in case.


The three days could happen soon, it could happen hundreds of years from now, and it might not happen at all. The three days is not an infallible teaching.


Does anyone know why must the candles be beeswax?

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