Three dead in Canada in triple crossbow murder



Three dead in Canada in triple crossbow murder

Three people have been killed in a crossbow attack in Toronto, and a man taken into custody, say police.Attending to a reported stabbing in the Scarborough area, police found two people dead and one person wounded. The injured victim later died.
Reports said the suspect, a 35-year-old man, was seriously wounded.
In a related incident, police later evacuated a building in the city because of a suspicious package. Police gave no more details.
Police said two of the victims were male and the third a woman.

Constable David Hopkinson said all three victims had what appeared to be crossbow wounds and a crossbow was found on the floor nearby.
Buying a crossbow in Canada does not require a licence.
Constable Jennifer Sidhu, a Toronto police spokeswoman, told the BBC that police received reports of a stabbing incident and arrived just before 1300 EST (1800 GMT) to find the three injured in a garage.

Time for bow control.


True. Unlike knives and cars, the only purpose for a crossbow is to kill.


I’ll bet there are sports competitions for crossbow enthusiasts. It is the type of person who wrongly uses a crossbow who should be controlled, not the crossbow.


To kill animals, more precisely, but I don’t think the “purpose” matters. More people are killed in car accidents than crossbow murders. It wasn’t the “purpose” that killed them.



They can pry my bow and arrows from my cold dead hands. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a crossbow but I want to have a Japanese style bow for Kyudo.


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