"Three of us sat down beside him -- all men -- and cried with him."


From the 40 Days For Life Blog:

*I received a report from Houston that was both eye-opening and heartbreaking.

People participating in the 40 Days for Life vigil watched as a young man who appeared to be in tears walked into Planned Parenthood with his girlfriend and her mother.

When they left some time later, he was most certainly crying — and obviously quite upset.

I’ll let one of the prayer vigil participants pick up the story…

I watched him head down the street, alternating between wiping the tears from his face and punching the buildings in anger and frustration as he passed them. Eventually he headed back toward the parking lot. As he approached, I went to him first. All I could think to say was that I was so very sorry for his loss. He began to cry again.

Then a truck pulled up leaving the parking lot with his girlfriend and her mother inside. The girl’s mother yelled at him to get in and cursed him as he opened the door. He had one foot inside, then stepped back out and closed the door. As she drove away he promptly sat down on the curb and cried like a baby. Three of us sat down beside him — all men — and cried with him.....*



Wow. Powerful.

Exhibit A for not messing with the creation of life with someone whom you do not know well or trust well. What a tragedy for all concerned.



Wow that is powerful and tear jerking. :frowning:

May God bless all efforts of the 40 days of Life…


this made my heart ache so bad when i got the email update the other day.

Ya’ll need to pray hard for this young man and all men who suffer from the after effects of abortion.
Also pray for Houston. The new largest late-term abortion facility in the Northern Hemisphere is going up soon.


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