Three over, three under, one just right?

Hokay, the ‘worst song’ thread has degenerated into a Beatles love fest, and I’ve never cared for the Beatles.

So here’s a little more in depth look at musical tastes.

Who are your three most over rated bands, and three most under rated, and one that got about the level of attention they deserved?

For our purposes, lets define ‘over rated’ as the music didn’t live up to the hype. ‘Under rated’ will mean we’ve heard of them, but they should have been bigger than they were. Just right-- well…

IMO, the 3 most over-rated bands in history are The Beatles, The Who, and Bob Dylan. All did good work, just not that good.

The 3 most under rated? Hmmm… The Motels, Concrete Blonde, Leonard Cohen.

Just right: David Bowie. At least one top twenty album in every decade since the 60s.

Leonard Cohen underrated??? When some people think he’s God? :smiley: I love his poetry and his lyrics. His voice? Well, it’s an acquired taste – I usually find that other people do his stuff better than he does. Except “Suzanne”.

Sam, I’ve never been a Beatles fan, either - and I been around since well before they arrived on the scene. I don’t know all the various bands, especially the newer ones (I was a teenager in the late 50’s, early 60’s), so can’t say who is or isn’t overrated (except for the Beatles) or underrated. I will, however, give a shout-out to any other fans of the Eagles. :slight_smile:

I thought this would be a thread about knitting!

I can’t figure out how to answer this, since some of my favorite, underrated music involves orchestras and singers, not bands…

I haven’t listened to current music stations for a long time.
Overrated: Ted Nugent, Led Zepellin, and most of Neil Young. (The Youngbloods were excellent.)

Underrated: the “real” Blues Brothers band, Steeleye Span, Chuck Berry.

Just right: Eric Clapton. Though I have so many more I’d like to put in this category! (Including the Beatles - nyah, nyah Sam!)

God bless us all,


Over - Ramones, Don McClean, Bob Dylan’s angry songs

Under - early Chicago, Genesis, anyone from te '50s (Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, etc.)

Just right - Paul McCartney

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