'Three parent babies' take a step closer to reality

Wow. Just wow. When will we learn…

" ‘Three parent babies’ take a step closer to reality

Scientists are a step closer to producing a controversial “three parent baby” after they successfully fertilised an egg with two biological mothers. "…

Entire article here: telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/6546448/Three-parent-babies-take-a-step-closer-to-reality.html

This is scary.

It is scary and arrogant and so many other things. God through basic biology sets a window for when a woman can become a mother, while she is young and healthy enough to raise and care for children. Then, man in his arrogance expands the window through mad science because man knows so much better than God. When are we as a people going to stop to think that just because something can be done, it still shouldn’t be done?

I smell a new Thalidomide-style tragedy in our future…

Unfortunately, it will be the “experimental children” produced who will end up having to pay the price for this totally unnecessary scientific dabbling.

What purpose does this serve? Why do we need it?

As the man in Jurassic Park said, "You got so exicited about the fact that you could, you never stopped to ask yourself if you should."

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