'Three-parent' baby born in Ukraine using new technique




No matter how they make this sound, IVF is immoral and hurts adoption.


All I can think of is Jurassic Park. Didn’t they do something similar with frog eggs or some critter that was hermaphrodite?


In the movie the dinosaurs changed gender under extreme environmental conditions (all the animals were female) which played into the broad chaos theory regarding the evolution of life. This was due to the presence of frog DNA, and some Western African frogs change their gender as the movie noted.

The animals were all female so the park officials could keep them from breeding.


I read the potential treatment risks and it did not look too reassuring. I can’t imagine being involved in such a procedure that goes so against the natural way to have a child without sperm donors etc.



Although it was fiction, it was a good morality play about why you shouldn’t mess with Mother Nature (another cultural reference)


Now 3-parent babies! Who has legal rights to the child?

This gets worse by the day! :frowning:


What “forces” God to create a soul to an experiment like this?


One wonders what evolution has to say.


I don’t have an answer but that’s a fascinating question.


I’m really super rusty on my amateur grasp of Thomistic philosophy, but I bet it has something to do with “act” and “potentia,” or perhaps some other word I’m forgetting. The human soul is created at conception. If the habitat is right, the sperm meeting the egg results in the act of the human. I believe. Again, I’m super rusty. God allows many human beings to come into existence under bizarre circumstances.


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